How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Save Time and Money

The Marketing Team

Have you ever considered how working with a virtual assistant could help you save and earn cash? When you work with a virtual personal assistant to support your business, you can spend more of your time on things that generate money rather than back-office duties, which results in increased income. Companies that hire a virtual assistant can save money by not paying them the higher costs of having on-site assistants to help with tasks. With a virtual assistant to delegate non-essential duties, an executive can earn the time needed to focus on activities that generate business growth. A data entry virtual assistant could even produce documents for you to sell as passive revenue, bringing in extra cash for your company.

Isn’t it time for you to wrench back control of your life back? Earn more time to rest and relax by delegating tasks to a virtual personal assistant. Spend even more time enjoying your family and friends or on your hobbies. Being more efficient in the workplace saves time and money, so you can better maintain your personal relationships stress-free. You can leave the laptop at home on vacation, put the phone down during dinner, and meet personal obligations without worrying about canceling on anyone. 

Does this life sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. It’s much easier than you think. A virtual personal assistant is an answer if you want a more efficient and cost-effective business.

Virtual Personal Assistants Help You Save Time and Make Money 

What makes hiring a virtual assistant more attractive to a business than hiring an on-site assistant? There are many reasons, but we feel the most notable ones are:


Virtual assistants can help you automate straightforward tasks, such as email management. We all know that your email inbox can quickly pile up. It’s easy to overlook important information, and it’s a hassle to slog through spam messages all day. Why waste your time doing that? Instead, outsource this simple job and spend more time growing your business and enjoying other activities you love.

Got a company party around the corner? Save time by delegating the gift buying to your virtual personal assistant, who will research and find the perfect gifts that are available. In short? A virtual personal assistant can help you automate many tasks that might otherwise drain your energy.

Saving Money

Because virtual personal assistants operate from their own offices, you don’t have to pay for office space, furniture, or supplies. Additionally, you won’t have high employee expenses like a pension, holidays, maternity leave, and sick leave. 

Virtual assistants can search for suppliers and make cost-effective suggestions, which will help you save money. Sometimes, knowing where to cut costs in your business can be difficult. Virtual assistants can be a huge help at a low price.

Additionally, a virtual personal assistant is affordable because they only bill for the time they spend working for you. Working with an assistant is incredibly adaptable and economical for your company, so increase your business’s profits and work less at the same time today!


Virtual assistants are adaptable; you can scale your outsourcing needs up or down according to your workload. A skilled virtual assistant can adapt to your situation to aid you in many different ways. For example, your virtual assistant can chase down unpaid invoices as soon as possible to increase your cash flow. They can handle your time-consuming customer onboarding procedure, giving you more time to focus on activities that require creativity. 

Can I Hire a Virtual Social Media Assistant?

Social media is crucial to your business; if you don’t exist online, you may not exist in the eyes of your customer base. A social media virtual assistant might add affiliate connections to your website, earning you money each time someone buys something using the particular link you recommended

Once you get started, a social media virtual assistant could save you up to 30 hours per week by managing your online campaigns on your behalf.

Can I Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant?

Executive assistants can work with you directly to manage the whole company. We can help you find a virtual executive assistant that suits your needs. In addition to basic outsourced work such as inbox management, you can also receive help with:

By including receipts and invoices in your bookkeeping system, a virtual executive assistant can keep track of your spending, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

How Do I Get Started?

Of course, you can’t expect a new hire to know everything about your company from the start. The easiest way to share your company’s needs and expectations with someone new is to create a manual of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your company. This manual should promote uniformity and help to decrease workplace errors. Preparing SOPs will allow you to establish protocols for your company so you can quickly outsource more tasks.

Additionally, a virtual assistant outside your company can evaluate your current systems and offer suggestions for techniques or tools to improve the efficiency of your business. It can be helpful to get an extra set of eyes on your company policies.

Creating Standard Operating Procedures

First, start thinking about what tasks are tying up a lot of your time that you could easily delegate to a skilled virtual assistant. Choose as many tasks or as few as you would like. Even having an extra hour a day brings relief and gives you more time to focus on more significant projects.

Our Services

At OkayRelax, we match a virtual personal assistant to suit your business needs and budget. Boost your team’s performance with our support and knowledge in a digital market. Our assistants are well-screened, and there is no contract. You decide the tasks and time you want to save. You get reliable results when you save time and money using our services. After all, it is an investment. Our virtual assistant’s skills and talents make them an asset to various industries. An online assistant keeps you streamlined and flexible, guides your team in remote work, and leads your online campaigns and strategies.  

Our support team will help you decide on a plan if you aren’t sure which one to choose. We can also help you determine which tasks to give your virtual assistant to ensure the maximum beneficial results for your business and personal life. A list of our usual services includes:

  • General research
  • Schedule management
  • Product research
  • Phone calls
  • Travel planning
  • Social media management
  • Documentation
  • Job hunting
  • Inbox management
  • Gifts

Why not collaborate with a virtual personal assistant today? Choose between three plans from OkayRelax and our support team will match you with the best virtual personal assistant to meet your business or individual needs. Once you are ready, you can post task details on your dashboards, send them in an email, and even by text messaging. You get to set the deadline for us!

Using a virtual personal assistant allows you to focus on the work you enjoy, eliminates stress, and provides you peace of mind while also helping you to save and earn money. It benefits both parties. You will find your workflow improves while also improving your productivity. You will immediately notice how great it feels to finally relax!