Remote Work

How to Get Longer Days With Virtual Assistants this 2023

Are you constantly struggling to find enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you feel overwhelmed with administrative tasks and wish you had more time to focus on growing your business? If so, it may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

How Do I Delegate My Professional Email To My Virtual Assistant?

It’s a good idea to have your virtual assistant handle your email. Using a virtual assistant to manage your primary inbox is a convenient way to organize. Your virtual assistant helps in answering emails and creating email marketing campaigns. You can also include deleting spam messages and unsubscribing to newsletters in your assistant’s work task. Overall, if you want your assistant to help you with emails, it’s smart to delegate your Gmail to your personal assistant. 

Become a Virtual Assistant Now With These Tips

Many people now turn to remote work especially after the pandemic. As a result, job boards are filled with companies browsing for virtual admin assistants to hire. This article will help you in becoming a virtual assistant. It will discuss virtual assistant jobs for beginners and virtual assistant salary. 

Virtual Assistants and ADHD: Benefits and Considerations

People with ADHD in the workplace are presented with various challenges that often prove difficult to overcome. This article explores how virtual assistants can help them deal with these and what they need to keep in mind when employing virtual assistants.

Should I Get a Gmail Virtual Assistant?

Email management is never easy for anyone. Drowning in emails does not help your productivity. A way to save time is to delegate your Gmail account to a virtual assistant. Are you unsure or unknowledgeable about email management? Read this article to calm your anxieties and clear your ignorance.

Do you really need a US-based virtual assistant?

Are you unsure whether to get a Filipino or a US based virtual assistant? Do you have doubts on how location, culture, time, etc. affects your experience? Are you an entrepreneur who is thinking of hiring US virtual assistants? This short rundown will help you find experienced virtual assistants better.

Productivity Tips: Effective Communication with Your Virtual Team

To say that remote work is a challenge is quite an understatement, much more so when you have to manage a virtual team. Communication is a crucial part of ensuring a smooth flow of business, so we’ve listed a few tips to help you communicate effectively with your virtual team.

How to Make Remote Work More Enjoyable For You and Your Team

Remote work can understandably become overwhelming as time passes, so it always helps to know how to manage your work and make things a little bit lighter for both you and your team. OkayRelax shares a few tips that might help save you from the seemingly monotonous work-from-home life.

Work-From-Home Tips: Finding the Balance Between Life and Work

Things can get a little overwhelming with the line between your professional and personal lives getting blurrier and blurrier each day you work from home. OkayRelax shares a few tips on how you can find and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Seven Ways to Manage Remote Work With Homeschooled Kids

Remote work is an enormous challenge for anyone, and much more so for parents with homeschoolers. OkayRelax lists 7 ways that could help you navigate through the new normal better, so you can breathe a little easier each day.