Bogged Down and Burnt Out?

Are you a business owner or modern professional being bogged down by personal and administrative tasks? How can you be expected to get any work done with all the research, travel accommodations, reservations, and personal activities you have to keep up with? In the past, renting a brick and mortar administrative office with costly overhead and frustrating upkeep was about the only option. Lucky for you it’s the digital age, and all of these tasks can be handled by virtual personal assistant services from!

Getting Set Up to Succeed

At, we’re driven to make your life easier so you can get your important work done at your own pace without the burden of mundane tasks. There are no messy contracts or setup fees, and the plans offered are simple and affordable. With the Starter program, our intuitive support team will instantly set you up with virtual assistants catered to your personal needs. If you select the Professional or Executive plans, you’ll be matched with your very own virtual personal assistant at your beck and call.

Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Virtual personal assistants can handle a wide variety of different tasks, including personal, business, and travel related services. Need to get some online shopping done but haven’t found the time? You can securely and safely share your card information with your assistant to get it taken care of. Trying to find the best pizza in Chicago to impress that hard-to-reach client? Hand it off to your VA and put it out of your mind!

Cheap Virtual Assistant

User-Friendly Design

OkayRelax is set up to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. After all, you’re trying to save time, so our dashboard reflects that as well. You’ll be able to easily send tasks to your VA, and check on their progress as they get completed. Tasks can also be sent by e-mail or text message for convenience, that way you don’t always have to log in to the dash to assign a task.

You’ll also be given notifications that the task was received, and on its progress as its being done. This way there’s no stress involved on whether your assistant received a task or not. You can also send your VA a direct message for a progress update if you so desire. You’ll always be just a click or a phone call away from support!

Time to Relax and Be More Productive

With OkayRelax, you’ll finally be able to get some truly deserved time to yourself. Imagine how productive you can be without having to worry about booking reservations, scheduling appointments, researching online, or any other administrative tasks you have! Our affordable and dedicated VAs will take the edge off so you can truly enjoy the day, be more productive, and get better rest.

With all the stresses of modern living, you owe it to yourself to work less and have more time during the busy day. Our VAs can give you that freedom, so what’s to lose? Give a try now and get your life back!

Want to know more?

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Some of tasks we handle:

Personal Tasks
  • Deal with customer service
  • Product research and comparisons
  • Find deals on a product/service
  • Wedding research
  • Send gifts on your behalf
Travel and Planning
  • Plan your itinerary
  • Find flight and hotel deals
  • Process your car rentals
  • Book your flights
  • Follow­up on your reservations
  • Hotel research
Administration and Management
  • Social media management
  • Manage your email on your behalf
  • Prepare presentations for you
  • Schedule apointments
  • Outgoing phone calls
  • Creating basic reports
  • Autoresponder management
  • Data Presentations
  • Calendar management
  • Creating email newsletters