Relax. Get help with
your plans.appointment and inbox.

Too busy to take care of your life? Let your very own personal assistant take care of it for you!

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Benefits you get from working with us.

Screened Assistants.

All our virtual assistants have to pass mandatory checks before and after joining us. We regularly train VAs to keep up with new tools.


We don’t want to tie you down. Terminate your subscription whenever you want in our client area. We do our best to make you landing on the cancellation prompt unlikely.

Top Customer Service.

We pride ourselves on our premium customer service. It’s not uncommon that the team might spend an hour to understand what went wrong, or right, with you.

Work-life balance just got easier.

We all wish there were more hours in the day. Let us take care of the little things, so you can focus on the big things!

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Personalized Assistance

No need to discover how to work with a different person every time you need something done. You will have a dedicated assistant who will get to know you and your needs, and will provide consistently amazing results!

More Time on Every Task

Each task credit we provide includes up to 30 minutes of work. Going a bit over this limit is no problem, and if you have a particularly lengthy task, you can assign multiple task credits to it. This allows us to handle tasks that similar services may not.

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Made for Everyone

If you are busy, we are here for you. Our service isn’t just for busy entrepreneurs. Our service is for all sorts of busy people. Whether you’re a mom trying to plan your child’s birthday party, a blogger that needs help researching a new topic, a family trying to plan your next vacation, or a student looking for the best price for a new laptop, we will gladly help!

Get help with multiple daily tasks.

Here are a few of the common tasks our clients trust us to take care of for them.

General Research

Research on any topic ranging from products, services, places, activities, and more


Schedule Management

Calendar management, appointment scheduling, and outgoing phone calls


Product Research

Research focused on products or service providers


Travel Planning

Itinerary planning, hotel, flight & car booking, destination research, and more


Social Media Management

Management of your personal accounts, content creation, scheduling, and engagement.



Document formatting, research, proofreading, and more


Job Hunting

Job searching, applying, resume creation, confirming interview schedules


Inbox Management

Email management from decluttering, labelling, setting filters, and more


Help with Gifts

Research for best gifts, acquisition, and delivery confirmation


Hear from everyday people like you.

They trust us.

Nick Loper looking to his top-right while holding a contemplating pose.

Nick Loper

The quality of the work is really high… I had my dedicated assistant Ainee compile research on other outsourcing companies, find restaurant options for me to host a meetup in Chicago, and get preliminary life-insurance…

Nick Loper
A photo of Tessa Hultz smiling.

Tessa Hultz

I love the service and my VA! He is very detailed, information provided is exactly what I need. He is an immense help during a very busy time for me!

Tessa Hultz
A photo of Shelley Sanidform smiling.

Shelley Sandiford, Sciconic Science Media

My VA handled my task quickly and efficiently. She also gave me daily updates so I was always on top of where she was and how she was doing.

Shelley Sandiford, Sciconic Science Media
A photo of Steven Zoernack smiling, wearing a white tee-shirt.He looks away from the camera.

Steven Zoernack

This is a great service to save your time. My VA is doing a great job in handling all my daily tasks and save a lot of my time. The tasks are done on time…

Steven Zoernack
A photo of Madeleine Duprez smiling. She is wearing a professional attire with a white top and a blue coat.

Madeleine Duprez, Hipwalled Tapestries

Shahzar is amazing! His quality of work is fantastic, he is incredibly fast and completes tasks much quicker than I ever could, and is fantastic with communication.

Madeleine Duprez, Hipwalled Tapestries
A photo of Isaac Odim smiling. Wearing an off-white shirt, with the neck button open.

Isaac Odim

I’ve worked with a few different VA services, including Fancy Hands and Habiliss, and OkayRelax has been the best experience so far.

Isaac Odim
A photo of Chris Huffstutter looking at the camera and smiling while tilting his head. A water body is visible in the background.

Chris Huffstutter, Summit Salon Academy – PDX

I have been working with Mohammed at Okay Relax for 2 months now, he has been a pleasure.

Chris Huffstutter, Summit Salon Academy – PDX

It’s time to get your life back.

Do you have a little voice in your head telling you to take care of your health, work on that side project, or organize your closet? Want to set up a meeting, book a flight, or sort your email? We’ve got you covered.

All the tasks that are taking up space in your brain are now just one virtual assistant away.