Terms and Conditions

The following terminologies apply to this Agreement: “You” and “Your” refers to the client or the person accessing the website and accepting the Company’s terms and conditions. “The Company”, “We” and “Us”, refers to OkayRelax. “Parties” or “Us”, refers to both client and OkayRelax or either the client or OkayRelax.


  1. Use of our services requires you to first agree to our terms. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use our website or services. OkayRelax reserves the right to alter this agreement at any time, for any reason, without notice.
  2. Your account shall be terminated if you violate any of the terms of this agreement, and may be terminated by OkayRelax at any time, for any reason, with or without given notice.
  3. If your account was terminated due to a violation of the these terms, a refund will not be provided. If your account was terminated for some other reason, it is at our sole discretion if a refund will be given.
  4. You agree to receive marketing email/materials and you have authorized us to send them.
  5. OkayRelax utilizes MaxMind and FraudRecord to screen new orders for previous fraudulent activity and report existing clients who violate our Terms of Service. In case of a violation, you may be reported to both MaxMind and FraudRecord for misbehaviour using non-identifiable anonymous information.
  6. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.


  1. We provide a platform which connects OkayRelax users with third-party contractors (assistants) which provide assistant services. OkayRelax is not responsible for and will not be held liable for any actions performed by these assistants.
  2. We provide virtual assistant services intended for individuals and small businesses. Our service, including our Unlimited plan, is not intended for large enterprises or other clients that may be better suited to a full time employee.
  3. The terms “unlimited” and “infinite (∞)” are defined as 9999 task credits, and plans which include this are subject to the same terms and conditions as our other plans.
  4. Accounts whose sole purpose is to submit illegitimate tasks are not permitted and will be terminated.
  5. Our services include limits on task credits and dedicated assistants. Any attempt to bypass these limits, including the creation of multiple accounts, will result in the suspension of your service.
  6. The task credits included with your plan expire each month. They do not rollover.
  7. The assistants that we connect you with will perform a wide variety of general assistance tasks including phone calls, online research, and more.
  8. They will not handle telemarketing, cold calling, call answering, content creation tasks, or tasks requiring specialized skills like web development.


  1. We intend for our service to be available 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.
  2. We will put forth our best effort to ensure that we can provide our services for as long as you have paid for them.
  3. There might be a time that our services will be unavailable for use due to unpredictable reasons. By registering and acknowledging our terms of service, you understand that, on occasion, an event will occur causing our services to be unavailable.
  4. We may suspend or cancel our services in the case of non-payment.


  1. We reserve the right to refuse to perform a task at any time, for any reason. In the event that your task is declined, the task credit allocated to that task will be returned to your OkayRelax account.
  2. There will be circumstances wherein a user submits a project that is too large for us to handle as a single task. We may review the project and realize that it is too large to handle and, depending on the size of the project, we may offer the following solutions:
    • We can allocate multiple task credits to the task, to ensure that more than 30 minutes can be spent on it.
    • We can give you a quote at an hourly rate of $15/hour.
    • We can cancel your request and return your task credit.
  3. There may be cases in which we were not aware that the task could not be completed within 30 minutes before beginning. In this case, we’d provide you with the work we’ve completed thus far and ask if you’d like us to use additional task credits to continue. If you feel that the task could have been completed within 30 minutes, please contact our support department so that we can investigate this.
  4. A maximum of 5 task credits (2.5 hours) can be allocated to 1 task. For larger tasks, we will give you a quote at a rate of $15/hour. Large projects requiring low-level skills, such as data entry, may be performed by another OkayRelax assistant rather than your dedicated assistant, but will be overseen by your dedicated assistant.

Terms of Payment

  1. Payment. You agree to pay OkayRelax in advance of delivery of work according to the subscribed services. Plans will renew automatically each month during the term based on your subscription date unless otherwise specified. Upon renewal, you will be charged in advance based on your selected plan.
  2. Expenses. You will be billed and you shall reimburse OkayRelax for all reasonable and pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses that may incur in connection with the performance of services.
  3. No Refunds. In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the work performed by your Virtual Assistant, you can request that you be assigned to a different assistant. You can also cancel your service or task at any time. However, due to the nature of our services, you are not entitled to a refund for any portion of your subscription, including unused task credits. When you are subscribed to our services, time is reserved for any tasks you may submit, even if you do not submit tasks. This is to avoid overloading our assistant team, and to ensure that you receive a timely response on tasks you submit. This time is what your payment goes towards, so it is non-refundable. You are also not entitled to a refund for any over-payment. However, the over-payment would be added as a credit on your OkayRelax account.
  4. Annual Subscriptions. In the event that you prematurely cancel your annual subscription, the remaining months are not refundable. Annual subscriptions are offered at a lower monthly rate as they are a commitment to a full year of our services.
  5. Gift Subscriptions. When purchasing a gift subscription, the subscription period begins immediately upon sending the gift, and the provided task credits will expire at the end of the subscription period if not utilized. Gift subscriptions and unused credits are non-refundable.
  6. PayPal. If you are using a PayPal payment subscription, you are responsible for canceling that subscription separately from your OkayRelax service. We do not offer refunds for over-payment resulting from keeping your PayPal payment subscription active after canceling your OkayRelax service. However, the over-payment would be credited on your OkayRelax account.

Responsibility and Liability

  1. Supervision. Virtual Assistants assigned to you act under your direction. If you require your assistant to make decisions on your behalf about the way in which any work/actions/tasks/strategies or other business-related functions are performed, you do so on the basis that the assistant is acting on your behalf and under your supervision at all times.
  2. Security Information. In the event that you decide to give your Virtual Assistant access to your business and/or your personal accounts is at your own risk, and you are responsible for ensuring the security of your personal information.
  3. Copyright. In the event that you request your Virtual Assistant to source content or image for use on your website, marketing or other materials relating to your business is at your own risk. You are responsible for supervising his/her work, and ensuring that all appropriate permission to use such content or images have been obtained.

Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness of Information

  1. We are not responsible as to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information and materials offered on our website or by our assistants. The materials on this site are provided for general information only and should not be relied upon or used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting primary, more accurate, more complete or timelier sources of information. Using any of the information or materials on this site or provided by your assistant is wholly at your own risk, which we will not be liable.

Third-Party Links

  1. From time to time certain content, products and services available via our Service may include materials from third-parties. Third-party links provide further information for your convenience. OkayRelax has not reviewed all of the sites linked to on its Internet web site or provided by its assistants and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by OkayRelax of the site. Use of any such linked web site is at the user’s own risk.

Disclaimer of warranties; limitation of liability

  1. We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. We do not warrant that the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable. We will not be liable to any special or consequential damage incurred to you by using our website.

Statute of Limitations

  1. Any action in relation to the breach of this Agreement or related to the Website shall be filed within (1) one year, regardless of the date the breach is discovered. Any claim or action not brought within that (1) one year time period will forever be barred. This section shall survive termination of this AGREEMENT.

Changes to Our Site

  1. Although we will update our site from time to time, and may change the content, any such content may be out of date at any given time and we are under no obligation to correct it. We do not guarantee that our site, or any content on it, will be free from errors or omissions.


  1. The invalidity or unenforceability of any of the terms of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other term or condition. If possible, any unenforceable term within this Agreement will be modified to reflect the parties’ original intention.

Entire Agreement

  1. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between YOU and OKAYRELAX in relation to your subscription to our services. No additional provisions are expressed nor implied. This AGREEMENT supersedes any all previous oral and/or written, express and/or implied agreements. By using our service, YOU AGREE YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS AGREEMENT AND ACCEPT ALL TERMS, CONDITIONS, COVENTANTS AND RESTRICTIONS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

These terms were last modified on May 31, 2019.