Inbox Management

It’s clear that email has become an essential part of our everyday lives, but most of the time,  working with our inbox has become a frustrating chore. We want to be able to look at our email like we look at our calendar: easily accessible, organized, and up to date. It’s not easy, though. There’s too much spam, too many updates, and too much noise.

And that’s where we come in!

Let our virtual assistants here at OkayRelax help you deal with your inbox. From making it less overwhelming and messy to just maintaining it clean and organized, our virtual assistants got you covered.

An iPhone showing a mailbox that is filtered by unread. It is empty -- inbox zero!

Declutter your email inbox

Out of sight, out of mind

This should be your mantra when it comes to email clutter. Clutter in your email inbox can lead to stress, which leads to other problems.

Our virtual assistants will take over what’s supposed to be your extra time to sort your email and clear out all your email clutter, which will then help free you to focus on matters that are more important. 

Setup Labels

The emails that spill into your inbox have a way of adding up. They can be a distraction in your workday, a drain on your productivity, and a source of stress in your personal life. And if you’re a busy working professional, you may have a hard time remembering to check your email at the time when you’d typically have access to it, or have a hard time remembering to respond to it at the right time. In other words, you may have trouble keeping up with your email. 

Setting up email labels helps mitigate this problem. However, instead of you going through the painstakingly long time to create such labels, our virtual assistants will set them up for you according to your specifications. You’ll just one day be surprised after you open your email, everything is sorted and labeled! 

Setup Email Forwarding and Aliases

Even technical setup of your emails such as email forwarding and email aliases can also be handled by our virtual assistants.

Do you…

  • need certain emails coming in your inbox to be always forwarded to other addresses?
  • need to set up info@, shop@, sales@, or any other aliases, so you can receive specialized mail to your email?

Just inform the virtual assistants assigned to you of your setup specifications and preferences, and we’ll take care of it!

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It’s time to delegate and dominate.

Don’t let mundane tasks stall your business’s growth. Delegate those to us and focus on what you do best—leading and expanding your enterprise. With our virtual assistants managing the details, you’re free to dominate your market.

Ready to take the leap? We’re here to catch you.