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OkayRelax is a USA-born company that offers cost-effective and efficient virtual assistant services for busy individuals like you. We are dedicated to making your life easier each day, so you can have more time for the things that truly matter.

Silhouette of palm trees near body of water, with a city skyline in the horizon.
A city by the riverside in the night.
A city's high-rise buildings near a body of water.
A bridge over a large body of water.
A busy road in a city with cars, buses, and taxis.

Roots around the world. *

A premium outsourcing experience: Our CEO, Joseph, is an American who has been living in the Philippines since 2016. He understands the culture and even some Tagalog (the local language). This ensures the best possible experiences for sending tasks from the western world to the Philippines.

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And we give back.

Not every one has it easy. We get it. We hate to see it, too. So we do things that leave the world better than when we started. With both hands-on work and financial contributions, we aim to reduce poverty in the Philippines.

Joseph doing his part distributing food to street children in urban poor communities.
A child and her mother in the urban poor community being handed with food.

Where… We Work.

Pun not intended. Hopefully someday, right? Got to think positive.

A city by the riverside in the night.


A city skyline at noon.


Another city by the riverside at night.


A long-exposed photo of a city road at night, showing a trail of lights from cars.


What is OkayRelax?

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We’re looking for passionate people who believe in our company’s values. If you want to be part of a team that is creating a better future for virtual assistants and the clients they serve, we want to hear from you!

What is OkayRelax?

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