An author is often perceived as someone who writes out of passion, hence leading to the assumption that he can work himself out to the core as if writing alone isn't already a daunting and exhausting task, to begin with. While most tasks that revolve around writers are often manageable, productivity and quality start to falter at some point. Sometimes the workload unknowingly piles up and start to overwhelm that no matter how writers try to attend to them all, the entire thing becomes a never-ending cycle they can't seem to get out of. If you are a writer, perhaps this is a scenario that you would know all too well.

Whether it's a book, a report, or an article, writing isn't as easy as what most people make it out to be. It's not simply typing out words on your keyboard, but actually doing research, gathering your thoughts, and putting them down on paper. Sometimes, writers fall short and experience writer's block. Before anything gets written down, a lot has already taken place, and all these require much effort from the writer's end.

It is, without a doubt, a fact that writers are truly versatile, but this does not necessarily mean that they can do everything by themselves. They are only human, after all, and if these past few paragraphs have been all too familiar for you, why the need to continue stressing yourself out when you have the option to hire a virtual assistant?

3 Benefits of Hiring a Writing Assistant

3 benefits of hiring a writing assistant

1. It helps increase your focus.

With an online personal assistant to help you out, you are one step further from non-writing tasks, therefore giving you more time to focus on that book, report, or article you're working on. Your dedicated virtual assistant will be able to handle time-consuming yet equally important tasks for you, so you won't have to worry about not getting them done while you work. When your ideas are in place without distractions, you are more likely to come up with a better output - a peaceful mind, after all, allows more space in your brain to focus.

2. You can delegate critical tasks.

When you choose to hire a personal assistant online, you would also be able to entrust even the most crucial tasks that are pending on your desk. Aside from a virtual assistant's mastery on a wide variety of tasks, you also get the assurance that your tasks are done well and on time without compromising the quality of the output, especially when they are hired through virtual assistant service providers like OkayRelax. These companies can provide you with an assistant that best fits your needs and requirements, and at affordable prices, too.

3. It brings a secure sense of accomplishment.

Have you ever hit the sack feeling all worn out from your day's work, yet still end up feeling unaccomplished? Some may even feel guilty about taking a quick break despite their huge progress at work. If you're feeling exactly the same and you often find yourself saying, "I need an assistant", now might be the perfect time for you to consider hiring one and doing yourself a favor.

Working with an online personal assistant will allow you to take a guilt-free moment to breathe and feel accomplished at the same time with how much you have done, done well, and done on time.

Proven to many writers and authors, the list of benefits of hiring a virtual assistant goes on and on. It does not matter if you have just begun writing, or you have been writing for years now. With an online assistant around, you get to breathe a little easier as you get things done both at work and at home without having to worry about missing out on anything important.

Tasks Writers Can Delegate to VAs

# Tasks Writers Can Delegate to VAs

Before the amount of work you have to do overwhelms you to your core, you might as well begin sorting tasks on your plate and think about which ones you can outsource to an assistant. If you have no idea where to start, we've compiled a list of tasks you could entrust to your virtual assistant:

1. Research

If there's a long list of minor, yet important, tasks you should do as a writer, research will definitely top them all. It is, without a doubt, just as important as the final report, article, or book that you wish to publish. The thing is, focusing on this could leave you with a lot of pending tasks.

Fortunately, there are virtual assistants who are highly adept at doing research and could then do this menial task for you. Despite working from a remote location separate from yours, virtual assistants can assure you that they will work closely with the research data that you need to get the facts straight with what you're writing about.

2. Proofreading

Another important task that you can outsource by investing in virtual assistant services is proofreading. While playing around with words is already something familiar to writers, it helps to have a different perspective on your final drafts to make sure that no mistake is left uncorrected and no stone is left unturned. Some virtual personal assistants are highly skilled at both writing and proofreading and may be able to identify the issues with your draft that you may have missed, making it easier for you to revise whatever these issues are.

3. Content Writing

There are a lot of writing tasks that go with being an author, and while you're hands-on with your major writing work, there are also minor writing tasks that you also need to get done with. Even the smallest content published under your name can make or break your writing career, which means that you can't just simply publish content on your platforms half-baked.

This is when hiring a virtual assistant who specializes in content writing comes in handy. If you're keen on the content of your emails, social media posts, and press releases, a skilled virtual writing assistant can help you.

4. Communication

It can be quite frustrating when you have finally thought of the perfect words or ideas to write until suddenly your phone buzzes and all the words and ideas in your head have gone to the tip of your tongue - and then gone. If your situation goes on this way, imagine just how many wonderful ideas you've let go of and how it will be a breeze if you have a personal assistant to take your calls for you.

A virtual personal assistant can sort these calls for you and act as your virtual secretary to help you minimize distractions. This way, you can attend to other more important things to do such as polishing a page of your book or wrapping up your ideas for your next publication.

5. Designing

A book can still be judged by its cover, after all. There is no point in writing great content for your book when its cover doesn't come out just as appealing. You don't need to worry about this anymore as virtual assistants specializing in graphic design can also help you with your book design and cover. The next time you plan to put out a book teaser, you and your assistant can brainstorm on the perfect design for your book cover.

Working with a virtual assistant indeed brings a lot of benefits for writers, and much more so, helps you apply a healthy work-life balance. This means no more spending an entire day outlining your write-ups alone or researching great ideas. No more getting distracted with minor tasks that get in the way for you to accomplish the major ones as well.

Surely, personal virtual assistants will take a huge load of work off your shoulders as they provide you with the quality output and quality time for your personal life that you deserve. Considering that the workload is going almost 100% virtual with work, hiring virtual assistants is undeniably the next practical move a writer could possibly make.