Maintaining a reputation of any business across, not only one, but multiple social media platforms can be tough. Whether it's a start up business or a relatively huge one, social media management is not as easy as many business owners think.

There are trends that businesses must keep up with to make sure that they are always on top of their game - not to mention the time it takes to come up with fresh and appealing social media content on a scheduled basis.

For a few reasons, many businesses choose to manage their social media platforms on their own. But why do so at the expense of your business? Juggling too many tasks at a time, including managing social media, will soon take its toll on the success of your business. That is why, at some point, you will do your business an ultimate favor when you choose to instead hire a social media manager.

What Outsourcing Social Media Work is All About

In a nutshell, when you outsource social media work for your business, you hire an online personal assistant who will be tasked to do all the necessary social media work to keep your business pages updated.

This means that you will need to hire an outsourced personal assistant who will be tech-savvy enough to respond, depending on the demands of your target market on the different social media platforms of your business.

It's not like you can't attend to all your clients' or customers' needs - it's just that it will be made simpler with an online personal assistant around. You will not have to worry about having to interact with your target market to keep them posted about your business innovations and up-level services. Outsourcing all these social media work to virtual assistants will surely work wonders for your business.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help With Social Media

The demands of your business can get overwhelming as it progresses along. These include the demands from the social media platforms that require proper management to boost your presence online.

When there's just too much for you to handle all at once, here's how a virtual assistant may help you with social media work.

Personalized Customer Service

As a business owner yourself, you know that quality products and services are not the only factors that keep your customers or clients coming. While these top the list, customer service also plays an important role in running a business.

This is when hiring a social media manager would come in handy. You won't have to deal with each of your customers or clients everyday just to appeal to their sentiments on your product or service. Your virtual assistant, as a social media manager, could do it all for you. You can attend to more high-priority work with peace of mind, knowing that they have already got you covered.

Organized Information

Summarizing customer concerns and client reviews is never not daunting to a business owner who works almost around the clock. To ease your mind on a load of feedback, requests, and even complaints, your virtual assistant can do all the sorting for you. That way, all the information that needs to get to you is well-organized and easy for you to process.

By now, it's your creativity that has gotten you to where you currently are in the business. But as you strive for business growth, you'll less likely find time to keep track of the new trends and tools in social media the same way you did before.

Thanks to a virtual assistant who could specialize in social media, you will surely not be left out despite all the high-priority work you need to do. You can still make do with your creativity with the assistance of a virtual assistant who can expertly advise you on the current social media trends and tools.

What Virtual Assistants Can Help You With

Unlike your personal social media account, your business just might require a little more than simple photo edits and one-word captions. These are only a few of the many things you'll need for all the social media platforms for your business. Here is a list of things virtual assistants can skillfully help you with.

Image Editing

There is no way poorly edited photos should make it to your company's social media feed, especially when it is seen to represent your business all the time. Virtual assistants can certainly be professional image editors you can count on with this particular task - whether it's a minor edit or a really tedious one, they'll be up for it and in no time, appealing photos will be up on your feed: fast, yet quality editing might even be a plus here.

Post Scheduling

While this may seem like an easy task, gathering all the materials for your social media post for the week can be daunting, especially when there is just so much to do. To make sure you don't miss out on posting for the day and that your followers will be constantly reminded of you, you can delegate this task to your virtual personal assistant who can keep tabs on this for you.


You'll have to admit that writing copy for posts about your business on social media can be quite difficult. You will not have much time to think about engaging, fun, and business-related captions, but a virtual assistant hired to specifically do this social media task can. Virtual assistants would also know when to post the appropriate captions at the right time - even down to the most optimal time of the day to do so. This makes or breaks the online presence of your business, and having a virtual assistant work on this for you lessens the stress of having to worry about captions every single day.


One of the most important factors in running your business through social media is coming up with a brand: from your business logo to your business' landing page, the goal is to always leave a mark on your potential customers and existing clients. This is also something that many virtual assistants specialize in. Professional graphic designs keep your brand collected and appropriate for your field of business.

Social Media Stats with a VA: What to Expect

As soon as you hire a virtual assistant to outsource social media work for your brand, you will see a significant change in your social media statistics. This may not be immediate, but over time, you will slowly see statistics building up into a significant number.

With the help of the perfect creative online helping hand, here are some of the good news you can expect for your business.

Better Reviews

The more you engage with your target market and the clearer you communicate with them on a regular basis through a virtual assistant, the more business reviews you will attract. This is because consumers and clients are only drawn to writing up and sharing good reviews when they get firsthand and instant response about the products or services that they need.

Increased Business Engagement

Most, if not all, businesses turn to social media platforms to engage more with their market, but not all get increased engagement. Hiring online assistants have since then changed the game. Your business engagement increases over time because you have someone else do it for you.. It's as simple as having a creative helping hand around.

Noticeable Online Presence

Online presence alone is not enough. You need to be noticeable with when, how, and what you update your pages with. With a virtual assistant to help you with social media updating needs, you will be able to maintain the proper amount of attention for your business from your target market. From catchy social media posts to engaging giveaways, your virtual assistant can do just about it and everything in between.

Increased Likes and Shares

Most of the time, social media platforms do the work for your business. For it to work wonders, your posts need to be liked and shared quite a number of times. A virtual assistant knows the ins and outs of managing social media. With the right amount of experience, tips, and tricks, you'll soon notice a spike in the number of likes and shares relating to your business. It's about how it's managed and virtual assistants know just how to do this well and do this right.

In today's age of innovation and technology, doing things on your own might be more inconvenient than having an online personal assistant to help. If you want social media to work smoothly for your business, it's about time you consider outsourcing and investing in virtual assistant services such as OkayRelax.

It's just easier with the right specialists around to help you balance out all your social media tasks. If you dread social media usage and management but need to keep it going for your business, a virtual assistant could be all that you've been waiting for.