I Need A Virtual Assistant: Am I Ready To Onboard A New One?

The Marketing Team

One of many thinking to yourself, “I need a virtual assistant. A new one,” at the end of their work week? The answer is a no-brainer — they hired the wrong guy.

Proper onboarding is essential to the success of the relationship – the client/virtual assistant relationship. Onboarding is the process through which a new virtual assistant acquires the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become an effective member of your team. Onboarding is the mechanism that integrates your new virtual assistant into your business. Unlike an orientation, which is an event that can last for only a day, onboarding is a continuing process that can last for months or even years.

Newly hired virtual assistants must be nurtured to become highly productive and seasoned team members. Surprisingly, the process is not as complicated as it sounds, and the results can be profound.

Importance of Onboarding.

Why do you need a virtual assistant? Well, there are many compelling reasons why you need one. We are assuming that you know these reasons and are convinced that you do need a virtual assistant. Now, let’s talk about onboarding.

Onboarding reduces turn-over.

Turn-over refers to the termination of a virtual assistant’s services due to a failed collaboration with the client. Success is, of course, a two-way street. Even the most qualified virtual assistant cannot single-handedly guarantee success. He/she needs your support. Proper onboarding provides this. There is always a cost associated with turn-overs. The most obvious are wasted time, poor productivity, and the additional effort in looking for a replacement. In the meantime, the business could also be incurring opportunity losses due to a lack of human resources. Proper onboarding avoids these costs.

VAs learn faster.

With proper onboarding, new virtual assistants are not left to grope and figure out things on their own; they are not thrown to the wolves, so to speak. Instead, onboarding gets them systematically integrated into the new setup faster. Higher levels of productivity are achieved in less time. This translates into savings. The longer the process is done, the more satisfying are the results.

VAs learn how to relate to your business.

New virtual assistants need to understand their role in the scheme of things regarding your business. They need to see where and how they fit into the bigger picture. Understanding the context of a task makes it meaningful, provides motivation, and encourages perseverance and commitment.

Onboarding reduces stress and anxiety.

New situations invariably produce stress and anxiety for everyone. While a small amount of stress may be beneficial in keeping us focused and on our toes, life has unfortunately become debilitatingly stressful to most.

Thus, stress reduction has become the general rule in the workplace. Workers who are stressed and anxious do not reach their true potential. By providing the new virtual assistants all the necessary information needed to fulfill their role, we reduce unnecessary stress on everyone, including you.

How is it done?

Telling yourself, “I need to hire a virtual assistant”, is one thing. Knowing how to onboard is another. Don’t worry — here are 4 simple but necessary steps you could easily take to onboard properly.

Be sure to have a list of tasks you expect done.

Before you get to hire a virtual assistant, we at OkayRelax will provide you with general information on the candidates’ work experience, skills, competencies, and personality traits. We make sure that the candidate will match the requirements of the tasks you are hiring a virtual assistant for. From here, however, you take over by providing the specifics of the task to be performed as well as your expectations on how and when they will be accomplished. This vital step will avoid work-related frustrations and disappointments.

Convey your vision and mission.

Whether your business is a one-man affair or an organization of several people, be sure to convey your ambitions and a clear statement of your vision and mission to your new hires. Make your new hires appreciate and understand the importance of their role.  Make them understand your long-term strategic goals and the road you intend to take to reach them. Make them feel committed to the overall effort.

Train your new virtual assistants on the digital tools to be used, if any.

To facilitate processes, the use of digital technology is ever becoming more popular even among solopreneurs. Be sure to train your new hires accordingly on any such tool that would help them better do their assigned task.

Explain management control procedures to be employed.

During onboarding, explain how you intend to exercise control and supervision. This could simply be through weekly reports or constant daily monitoring with the use of an appropriate app. New virtual assistants need to know how they will be graded in their scorecards.

The role of OkayRelax: matching expertise and personality with tasks.

OkayRelax has done the legwork for you. Our strict screening and training process assures our clients of consistent, high-quality service. We have assembled a pool of talents to match your every need. Contact us — we are at your service!