I’m Exhausted! 9 Things That Make Us All Feel Stressed

The Marketing Team

Most business or company owners tend to be exhausted and stressed when sales are low or going down. You can find a virtual assistant or a virtual secretary online from a virtual assistant company provider on the internet with just one click of a button.

There are so many people around us, at work, at play, and at home. Many of them can be seen smiling and seemingly happy all the time, but in reality, they have stress issues, we all do. You can be a testimony of how hard life is, and as a fact, even the richest person on earth can say, “I’m exhausted,” or “I’m stressed out.”

A woman resting her eyes and taking a small break from her work. She seems visibly stressed out.

There is a very long list of things that make us all feel stressed, things that wear us down physically and mentally. Let’s point out just 9 things that stress us out.


This might be the number one reason for stress and exhaustion. Work-related issues have an impact on our mental and physical state. The more we think of how to cope up with deadlines, schedules, meetings, sales targets, and even negative minded co-workers, the more we tend to breakdown. But because of our will to survive the deadly jungle of our office, which is full of predators (but not all), we get through the day and regain our strength to fight another day.


Most business or company owners tend to be exhausted and stressed when sales are low or going down. No entrepreneur wants their business to fail, that is why however stressed and tired they are, they always find a solution to make things for the business to run smoothly and not fail. All types of strategies and techniques for business growth are done to gain more profit such as advertising, marketing, as well as promotions. Having a business is really exhausting because of the competition. You are not alone in the industry, there are dozens more of the same niche as your business. Some are even way older than your company, but still striving to compete in the market.

As a business person, you need to think ways on how to make more leads for sales, attract customers to your brand, and lessen expenses by hiring cost-effective employees for your company. We are in the computer and digital age, which allows you to hire employees for your business virtually. You can find a virtual assistant or a virtual secretary online from a virtual assistant company provider on the internet with just one click of a button.

Speaking of virtual assistants, these are the people who can remove the “I’m exhausted” word in your vocabulary, and you might ask “why is that so?” Virtual assistants can do the tasks you have no time to work on such as scheduling business meetings, administrative tasks, answer your emails, and arrange your travel for a business or vacation trip. They can also be the key to remembering your wedding anniversary, a close friend’s birthday, and even plan a party for your kid’s birthday, not to mention getting you the latest edition of your favorite magazine.


We all know that the family is the basic unit in our society. This is where we get our moral and emotional strength to keep up and fight through hard times and celebrate in good times. But sometimes, family issues rise up, arguments, time for the kids, time for the husband or wife, and many other issues that cause stress.

Many times family issues when not resolved tend to widen gaps and weaken family ties, just because you did not do something to fix it. Everything can be fixed, especially family-related problems.


A couple going through a fight. Both partners are sad.

Marriage is something to look forward to when you are at the right age and with the right person. But somehow, it might be a bit of stress when getting married at a young age, just because you got pregnant, or to a person, you don’t really love. The time you tie the knot with someone you really don’t love, you might get exhausted every single day of your married life. Then comes separation, divorce, child custody, including financial matters.

Physical appearance.

Even the most beautiful and handsome individuals are stressed about the way they look. They need to match clothes for their shoes, wear makeup, and even diet problems. This goes for every single person that we encounter and see every day who wants to look good. Physical appearance is so important nowadays, especially when you are in the corporate world, fashionable clothes and trendy looks are a must. However, one wrong mistake could spell disaster, wrong makeup, and wrong dress for the season, acne problems acting up, or just simply getting fat will give so much stress.


Some toy figures standing while a distant light falls on them and casts long shadows.

Our society is one of the reasons you might get stressed. There are so many people who want to be better than the other, there are people who know better than you. Some people in our society hates this, hates that, thinking of their own idealisms.

  • Religious conflict is probably on top of the list of social problems that stress us out. Arguments and debates on who is right and who is wrong about what they believe in.
  • The government might be in second because of the laws they implement, the people inside running the country, corruption, the lawmakers, which is all within the government.
  • Lack of education surely contributes to social stress.
  • Unemployment is a very stressful topic to talk about, so let’s not just tackle this one.


A figurative "health-wealth" umbrella protecting a family.

Being healthy should always be accounted for. We need our body for work and for play, when the body is weak, the future is blurred. Many people who have health issues surely will say “I’m exhausted with my condition”, they want to give up, and they are tired of their health condition. Doctors, professionals, and health workers always there to help, don’t be discouraged because everything is going to be fine. Technological and scientific advancements are here and still making progress to fight health conditions and diseases. There is always hope even for the worst health issue.


Looking through your wallet and finding out that there are a few bucks left? That is really stressful. As the head of the family, you have been working long hours every day to provide them with all their needs, not to mention all the unpaid bills piling up in the mail, and when the time comes that you need to buy something for yourself, nothing is left inside your pocket to dig in. Somehow, we need to have something for ourselves, something to motivate us to work hard, a reward for being a good father or wife.

It’s not just people with families who are exhausted and stressed with having not enough money for their basic needs, there are also young individuals, students, and bachelors who are eager to buy their “wants, wanting to have the latest mobile phone, trendy shoes, or the latest gadget but does not have enough cash to have it.


“Love conquers all”, so as they say. But what if your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend did not conquer all? It really will break your heart, it will stress you out and think of ending your life. But wait, it’s not the end of the world yet, there are millions of people around the world, and you might find the “one” true person that is destined for you. Stress from a breakup is hard, but you need to move on to the next chapter, gather all the broken pieces and wake up from a bad dream. The sun will rise again, the flowers will bloom because there is always a rainbow after the rain (sorry for being too poetic).