Virtual Assistant Vs. In-House Admin Assistant

The Marketing Team

Our virtual assistants are available 24/365 to provide you with year-round work time flexibility. Huge savings! Prices as low as $2.95 per task.

To survive and prosper under conditions of stiff market competition, business managers and entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for opportunities to cut cost and optimize efficiency. State-of-the-art information technology makes process outsourcing a compelling, if not a necessary, option to consider. Tons of back-office work are now being outsourced by companies large and small in order to reduce operating cost and to release managerial talent locked in administrative chores. There is no excuse not to grab the opportunity and take advantage of the technology. 

It is time to consider outsourcing the tasks of your in-house administrative assistant to one of our virtual assistants.

With the expertise of our skilled, experienced, and dedicated virtual assistants, we will provide you these opportunities. We will deliver significant results not only in cost-cutting but also in improved managerial productivity. We will eliminate your stressful over-load from daily routine and free you to concentrate your time, effort, talent, and creativity on things that matter most to your business.

Our virtual assistants are available 24/365 to provide you with year-round work time flexibility. At OkayRelax, we not only keep you abreast with the competition, we put you a step ahead.

Substantial cost-cutting.

The contract service fees for our virtual assistants are so affordable they will generate immense savings on salaries and wages. Savings will also accrue on allowances, benefits, social insurance, termination and retirement pays, office space rentals, and a host of other expenses associated with maintaining in-house administrative assistants.

Aside from savings due to our affordable prices, most of the savings will come from the complete elimination of your fixed monthly overhead on in-house employees whose work you outsource. This is because our virtual assistants work on a per-job contractual basis. There is zero downtime. Expense is incurred only when actual work is done. The ‘fixed overhead’ account of your in-house administrative assistant is converted to a variable ‘contractual work’ account and the benefits will reflect prominently in your cash flow statement as bigger net cash in-flows and cash balances.

Improved business performance.

On the other side of the ledger, more business will be generated once you, the man-in-charge, are liberated from all concerns that otherwise can be delegated to our virtual assistants. And these can range from personal concerns to tedious and time-consuming administrative chores that you have arrogated to yourself because business is expanding and you either do not have an in-house administrative assistant or the one you have is herself/himself overloaded.

Outsourcing does not only improve performance by saving you money. More importantly, it conserves your time and energy and allows you to focus on managerial activities like assessment and fine-tuning of marketing policies and business model, sales performance monitoring and review, product improvement, market research, customer relations, strategic planning, and other matters that spell the difference between success and failure.

Effective stress reduction.

An important but often underestimated element affecting performance is stress. While work-related stress cannot be totally eliminated, too much will adversely affect your physical and emotional wellbeing and impact negatively on performance. A major source of stress is the pile-up of pesky, dull, but necessary routine. This usually happens when the business has somehow not only managed to survive but is expanding. Of course, this is a good thing, but it nevertheless causes a pile-up. Asking your in-house administrative assistant to do overtime work or hiring more people is an expensive way to cope with stress and can even add to it. There are better ways of coping, but nothing beats the complete elimination of its source altogether. Get rid of the pile-up. Outsource it to a virtual assistant.

Better flexibility.

Our virtual assistants are there for you when the need arises – round the clock. Whether you need to schedule a business trip this weekend or to have someone manage your social media every day, our services are available at no extra charge. We adapt to you, not you to us.


At OkayRelax, transitioning from in-house processing to outsourcing is quick, easy, and secure. Level up. Don’t be left behind. Contact us and start upgrading – now.