Virtual Assistant Vs. In-House Admin Assistant

Virtual Assistant vsinhouse

Economic upheaval paved way for the economists to seek various solutions for cost-cutting which enabled them to survive in the business industry.  Most of the companies are doing different ways to cut their expenses and one of the most effective and best ways that they do is they cut their expenses in the marketing department. Cut some of their in-house staff or outsource are the two options that they can choose from on how to cut expenses in the marketing department but there is still an existing debate which one is the most effective.

Below are the components that should be given attention when deciding whether you’ll hire a VA or an in-house admin assistant:

Get a Virtual Assistant now!Cost

In-house Admin Assistant

Corporations have lots of investments such as healthcare, salary, omissions and errors, benefits/vacation, water-cooler time and training, and continuing education. However, with a marketing agency, the company only pay the time that the project requires that is mostly not-to-exceed or pre-determined, mutually and budgeted agreed upon on the amount.

To understand this better, just imagine yourself needing another social media manager. According to Indeed, the annual average salary of in-house social media managers is around $61,000 while Payscale indicated that these workers can approximately $46, 964/annum. Simply put, to get an in-house social media manager for your business, you need to spend roughly $23.43/hour.


Supposedly you pick the Executive plan from OkayRelax, that would just be around $1.25 per hour. Thus, you can save as much as $22.18 per hour by getting a virtual assistant service.

In terms of training, most VAs are known to be skilled professionals. You do not need to spend a single dime to teach everything to them. Unlike when you hire an in-house employee, acquiring remote employees can eliminate office expenses and operating cost.

All in all, hiring a VA can help you save a massive amount of money.


In-house Admin Assistant

An in-house admin assistant requires training to know every single thing in your organizational culture as well as other aspects. It does not just end there. You need to keep track of their work and ensure he/she is reporting daily.

Hence, most of your effort will be waster on education and supervising them rather than concentrating on more important aspects of the company.


Access to in-depth and robust sources will merely depend on the firm itself. When you are working with outside agencies, there is always a greater chance that you would be able to have access to the modernized technology and competitive virtual staffs.

VAs don’t need someone to supervise them. Just feed them the task and its deadline.


In-house admin assistant

Employees are at your disposal during working hours (9 am to 5 pm, depending on your company). The thing. Typically, tasks are completed quicker than expected with constant face-to-face communication and feedback. However, giving them a task beyond working hours or when they are on a holiday vacation is a different story. You are mandated to pay for these extra hours they rendered.


Meanwhile, virtual PA can provide round the clock assistance. Whether you need to schedule your next business trip this weekend or requires someone to manage your social media every day, a virtual staff can get the job done without asking extra fees. They are available as the need arises.

There you have it — the sides of outsourcing tasks to VA and hiring an employee that would help the companies to choose the one they truly need for their companies. Now, the decision is in your hand. Pick the one that can help grow you and your business!