Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

The Marketing Team

You probably already have your own list, but it doesn’t hurt to add a few more items. Check out the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions in 2021 that will make your life better.

If you think about it: resolutions don’t only have to happen during the start of the year. While this much is true, there is just something exciting and beautiful about starting over collectively every first of January. Welcoming the 364 days to come with newfound hope and of course, a list of New Year’s Resolutions.

On top of the exceptional plans you probably already have, coming up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions is also a wonderful time to rethink how you go about every single day: your goals, your priorities, the milestones you want to set for yourself in the months to come.

Based on science itself, there are actually some ways you can make sticking to your resolutions much easier. For instance, you can opt to use more positive language to reinforce the changes and avoid using words like ‘do not’. Another tip you can try is adding visual and auditory cues to remind you of the resolutions you’ve decided upon in your office space and at home. Some research also suggests paying attention to your storytelling because the way you talk about your life greatly affects your outlook, your behavior, and ultimately, how you live your life. Last and most important of all: just choose your resolutions wisely. It does not have to be a long list because more often than not, that’s how you end up giving up on everything altogether.

The key is to really think about the aspects of your life you want to work on. If you still haven’t thought about it, we’ve rounded out a list of suggestions that might help!

Put A Stop To Your Smoking Habits

It has been said over and over: smoking brings a lot of horrors to your body. From minor things like bad breath and dry skin to more serious conditions like tuberculosis or worse, cancer – it is an open secret that smoking is bad for your health. And yet, (just to be clear:  no judgment here), a lot of us still find ourselves tied to this habit! If you are a non-smoker, perhaps you can put lessening your exposure to secondhand smoke as one of your resolutions for the year. On the other hand, if you are, in fact, a smoker – we highly encourage you to put it as your priority for the year!

Make Time for Quiet Time

It could be yoga. It could be learning how to meditate. It’s up to you, really, how you want to make time for quiet time. Most of us are just living mindlessly through the hustle and the bustle. So much so, in fact, that we become more desensitized than we care to admit with all the pressure and unhealthy stress we get especially from work. Allotting about 15 to 20 minutes of your day for some quiet time will help you manage your stress levels and in turn, help you become a healthier version of yourself.

Make It A Habit to Put Your Phone Down A Bit More Often 

We are all a little guilty of this – especially since for most of 2020, we have done nothing but stay at home and live vicariously through our phones. With hopes held high that next year would be better. That being said, perhaps, it’s not a good idea to make putting down our phones one of the things we will be doing for the next year.

Now, if you’re on the phone because of the amount of work you currently have, we highly encourage unloading even just a little bit! Hiring a personal assistant or even a holiday assistant so you could at least enjoy your supposed days off away from your phone might be the answer. You would be surprised to find reasonable rates on OkayRelax virtual assistant.

Give More Value to The People In Your Life 

Some people are big on family. Some people, on the other hand, find their homes through their friends. If there is anything that 2020 taught us, it’s that we always think we have time until we don’t anymore. Chasing goals is important – but if you think about it, it’s not half as fun or fulfilling without the people you love by your side.

We’ve mentioned it earlier on: the answer to most of your time-related problems entails lessening your load. One of the easiest ways to do this is by working with a personal assistant online. 

Commit To A Cause Bigger Than Yourself 

As crazy as 2020 was, we all could not deny the fact that it opened our eyes to some immensely bothersome realities. So much so, in fact, that the small things we take for granted on a daily may actually be a matter of life and death for other people.

You don’t have to go to the extremes – it could be something as simple as donating to charity, signing petitions for certain causes, helping out in animal shelters. Whatever floats your boat – it’s up to you really. After all, different things matter to different people so just commit to something that resonates well with you.

Meet More People – Romantically or Platonically!

Since most of our travel plans and get-togethers didn’t materialize because of the pandemic, 2021 is a great year to make up for all of it. Meeting new people is not only fun, it is also a great way of learning and expanding your horizons. It does not even have to be in a romantic sense.

Or if you’re really not the type who’s into going out and meeting new people – we highly encourage finding a new hobby, at least! 

Lessen Your Carbon Footprint However You Can 

This year, there has been a lot of talk and movement with regard to climate change. And if you’re still a little confused – we’re here to tell you that it is very much real. The bad news is – research suggests that we only have about a few more decades left before the damage becomes way too much to cope with. The good news is – you can start as early as now because there are SO MANY ways to lessen your carbon footprint.

You can go on a no-car day. You can go and lessen your meat consumption. Refuse single-use plastics. Go for thrift shops, second-hand shopping, and avoid fast fashion. From food to transportation to clothing and even personal care – there’s literally so much that we can do! It’s always the small, consistent efforts that add up in the long run. 

Manage Your Stress – It’s A Must! 

At this point, we all know the bad things stress does to our bodies. Not only does it make our heads immensely chaotic and hence, clouding our judgment and getting in the way of us making the most out of every day – it can also go as far as manifesting physical symptoms and even death. Yup, you’ve read that right. 

We’ve said it twice, and we’ll say it again: One of the best ways to address your stress-related problems is by getting some help through an online personal assistant. Especially if the tasks you’re about to unload are not-so-complex and easy to accomplish – getting a cheap virtual assistant is not so bad an idea.

This also leads us to our next suggestion. 

Learn To Say No, No Doesn’t Always Have to Be Bad

We know we said we need to make use of positive phrasing, avoid saying don’t, etc but hear us out: No does not always have to be negative. It can be empowering. It can help you protect your peace. Most importantly, saying no can also help you become your best self. 

Learn to say no to things that make you uncomfortable. 2021 has to be the year that you stop doing things that you don’t like. Learn to say no to distractions or overworking yourself.

On the other hand, if you do find yourself unable to say no – getting a helping hand in the form of a personal assistant could help you manage your engagements. 

Give Yourself Credit For The Hard Work You Do

Last but definitely not least: give yourself some credit! We’re often taught that we have to work hard, that we need to endure obstacles in order to be our best selves and that the bad things are here to teach us lessons. What we’re not taught often, however, is that we also need to give ourselves credit for the things we achieve. And quite frankly – if you think about it, not giving ourselves enough credit leads to a lot of problems: stress, getting prone to being overworked, anxiety, and the list just goes on.

So, in the coming year, make it a point to give yourself a pat on the back. To reward yourself every so often. Don’t beat yourself up for the lows and the failures. Saying no and asking for help are not signs of weakness.  The last few months really have been tough and sometimes – just making it through the day is already something to be proud of.