How Do I Delegate My Professional Email To My Virtual Assistant?

The Marketing Team

It’s a good idea to have your virtual assistant handle your email. Using a virtual assistant to manage your primary inbox is a convenient way to organize. Your virtual assistant helps in answering emails and creating email marketing campaigns. You can also include deleting spam messages and unsubscribing to newsletters in your assistant’s work task. Overall, if you want your assistant to help you with emails, it’s smart to delegate your Gmail to your personal assistant. 

Having a virtual assistant who helps you with your email management is very convenient. There are several articles like this on why you should get someone to help in managing your email. If you already have one and you’re unsure of when to give access to your email, this article will discuss your frequently asked questions. 

Will my virtual assistant have the same email inbox?

Your virtual assistant doesn’t necessarily have the same email inbox. It would depend on what setup you decide on. You can give a separate virtual assistant email for your VA and they can reply to emails that are generic or easy to handle. Their email domain would be the same as your company’s and they would have their own assistant email signature. You can also consider adding them to CCs so that they can see incoming messages. Through this, they will be able to forward urgent business emails to you. Your virtual assistant will reply instead to more common and minor email communication and email messages. It would be like you have a person on the other side communicating with your clients. This way you don’t have to do everything from replying, to deleting messages, step-by-step. Your virtual assistant can handle and reduce number of emails while still meeting requests from multiple people and clients. The problem with this is that it takes a lot of time to forward and cc messages from your VA to your inbox. You would also need to give or create signature templates for when your assistant sends emails. If you’re unsure, there are email signature examples online for free. So if you don’t want to waste your time in the back-and-forth, there are other solutions for managing emails. 

Using delegation services for your email addresses

In delegating your email addresses, you need to decide which emails your VA will have access to your inbox. Will you be delegating your professional email, your company’s email, or your personal Gmail account? If you feel like security is an issue, you don’t have to hand over your login information. It’s never a good idea to share passwords to anyone but people you trust. This is why there are delegation services that Gmail or Outlook provides. This means that your account manager can have direct access to your inbox using a different password. You can share access to your email and shared inbox without giving away important information. Your VA can read and respond using your email account without having to log in your Gmail and Outlook account. These delegation services allows you to configure your account settings. You can limit access to your email and select what items your VA can see. You can also revoke access anytime. If you have a second email, the same virtual assistant can help you manage every email. You don’t need to worry about forwarding each message. Your virtual assistant can access your email and organize your inboxes for you. 

Top tips before you delegate your professional email to your personal assistant

If you need further help on delegating your email, this article talks about managing your inbox. Remember that your assistant will work based on what you agreed upon. If you want a different email id, you need to learn how to create or you could create an account for them. They can’t have generic email addresses, your assistant needs to have the same domain as your company’s. Likewise, the professional email signature needs to be settled. Will your assistant reply to emails as you, the company, or themselves?

If you’re using delegation services, you need to know how to operate these. Although they are well-designed, it might be confusing to operate. Delegation services are probably your best bet if you want your virtual assistant to access all sides of the email account. Be sure that your assistant must be well trusted when you use gmail or Outlook services. There are always virtual assistant services like OkayRelax to help you with these. OkayRelax can make your inbox management easier. Our team ensures that your information and messages are safe. Our virtual assistants are trained to handle clients’ emails professionally. You don’t need to worry about replies being unprofessional or having their own personal touch. Whether you decide to create a new email, share login details, or use a delegation service, our VAs will deliver quality work and safety.