5 Reasons Why You Need to Upkeep Your Social Media for Your Business Presence

The Marketing Team

Learn why you need to upkeep your social media business presence with these five practical reasons.

Start-up companies and new businesses often have several hurdles they must overcome before considering themselves established businesses. One of those hurdles is launching an online presence through social media.

Social media is one of a few ways a company can stay relevant in our fluctuating, forward-moving world. Social media keeps people talking, keeps people sharing, and, most importantly, it keeps people interested in your business. Even restaurants need a presence on TikTok or Instagram to advertise their services, or they can expect an empty dinner night when it matters most.

Below are five reasons social media is necessary for the modern business world and why maintaining your presence will benefit your business.

Brand Awareness

Social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are used by everyone, and that means everyone can see what you are trying to produce. Small and local businesses can struggle to drive traffic to their marketplaces for various reasons, such as location and lack of available shipping opportunities.

With social media, niche products such as seasoning (Dan-O’s seasoning, for instance) can skyrocket in popularity. The business can partner with influencers and professionals in the marketplace they are trying to sell to increase brand awareness.

Consumer Connections

Social media not only helps you get your brand noticed, but it also helps you understand if your product is tailored to your intended customers. Interests and desires switch almost weekly, so having your ear to the ground and hearing what people want, need, or say about your product and others is paramount to your success.

Staying connected also helps you identify and react to problems that may arise with your product. A customer might be upset, or the consumer may criticize an intended feature, and you will learn of that near instantly through social media. This is an excellent job for a personal assistant for business experience and someone who can quickly respond to customer complaints and concerns on your behalf.

Special Sale Advertising

Social media is always a great way to advertise special events, as the mere mention of a “sale” will drive anyone to click on your profile or ad. Once you have a decent enough following, send out a tweet or make a post about a new product. If it is experimental, offer it on sale and see how it works in the market while mentioning it is “order only.” That way, you manage to put the product in people’s hands and get real-time feedback alongside the discourse of your product.

If you keep a consistent sale schedule, you can also ensure your business is still relevant to consumers or adjust your product as needed with growing trends analyzed by a personal assistant for business purposes.

Establishes Authenticity

Big, multi-national companies use social media, but the content is dry, dull, and unstimulating. Consumers can tell if a soulless company is pushing a product. Those companies know they have the authority to make sales regardless of their social media traffic.

But with your company, you want people to know you are the only one who truly understands your product market. Complaints that are just a spreading of misinformation can be corrected by you and your company directly. If, for example, you sold hair clippers and someone complained it didn’t work, you could reply to the tweet or post and show your knowledge. For these situations, we recommend investing in a social media assistant whose job is remote. They can assist you in fact-checking and ensuring your knowledge is up to date with current trends.

Encourages Customer Engagement

Products are made to solve problems. Engaging with your customers on social media establishes those meaningful customer connections and helps keep your product relevant. When your customers feel as if they are part of the product creation process and get to see updates to their favorite products, that inspires them to continue purchasing those products.

Customer engagement is customer retention. For some products, providing fun, interactive games through social media–like spotting the luxury ingredient in our product as a tagline–can keep customers entertained and engaged before they delve further into your page.

Just Relax, Okay?

But what if your skills on social media are not up to the standard you want to set for your business? That is where we say, “Okay, relax,” and give you the tools to focus on your passions and dreams to see your business achieve the success you deserve.

At OkayRelax, we are committed to assisting you with your social media needs by pairing you with a social media assistant whose job is remote. With a social media VA (virtual assistant), you can ensure that all the reasons above are justified. A social media VA will give you the edge you need to survive in the tumultuous and necessary world of social media.

Why is a social media assistant whose job is remote necessary, you may ask? As a remote worker, the flexible hours and possibly different time zones help you ensure that your social media needs are being met at all hours of the day. Imagine you have three social media assistants whose jobs are remote in three different time zones spanning a twenty-four-hour period. When you take a break to work on the next new idea, these assistants will ensure that your social media presence is maintained, protected, and engaging your customers.

Independently, social media assistants have a job as remote personnel who can ensure facts are checked, research is performed, analytics are compiled, and documentation is organized and ready to secure and expedient growth for your business. You should not have to stress the tedious work, so let us assist you in achieving your ultimate goal: business success and entrepreneurial providence.

To learn more about social media assistants whose jobs are remote, please click here. We look forward to helping you.