3 Major Signs That You Need To Find A Virtual Assistant

Signs you need a virtual assistant

As per U.S. Small Business Administration, roughly two-thirds out of 28.8 million businesses in the country can thrive in the industry for two years and only one-third can be successful within 10 years due to mismanagement and poor financial management. Luckily, here’s a simple solution – find a virtual assistant.

Confused whether you really need one or not? Here are signs that can help you tell it’s the best time for you to get mundane tasks off your plate.

need a virtual assistant

Sign#1 – Lack of ‘Babe Time’

This sounds hilarious but it truly happens, especially to married businessmen out there. More often than not, they become a ‘loving’ husband to their business rather than to their wife.

You didn’t purchase a long and stunning white dress, send out lovely invitations and cite your vow letter in front of your loved ones just to play around and waste your time earning money for nothing. After all, you are doing this to give your wife and your children a good future.

But it won’t be an easy path though. You have to deal with the fact that you’ll lose time as you need to do finish monthly reports, complete your business presentations, etc. before you go home. You’ll lose time to your favori

te people and that includes your wonderful wife.


When we say HELP, you need a like-minded. You need to find a virtual assistant.

Through delegating tasks, you can’t or don’t enjoy at all, it lets you spend more time with your family without sacrificing your business.

Sign #2 – Turnaround time suffers

Your business becomes busyness. Your usual routine to manage your daily tasks is not effective anymore. You’ve been missing sales opportunity since you do not have enough time to update your software. You don’t what to prioritize anymore as there are tons of tasks listed on your to-do list. Your schedule is bombarded by several important meetings and appointments.

Simply put, you are a mess now.

One wrong move and everything you worked for so long will be derailed. What to do then? Go get a remote workmate who can let you have some freedom and space to concentrate on urgent tasks. An extra hand can make a huge difference in boosting your business.

Sign #3 – You are getting used to getting sick.

Burnt out? Stressed? Aching due to migraines lately?

Majority of entrepreneurs stay late at night every single day to secure they complete their day to day tasks. They even work on weekends even they feel horrible.  However, keep in mind that success isn’t measured on how long you worked. At the end of the day, it is the productivity that counts.

Do not take your health for granted. Learn to listen to your body. When it asks for a rest, take a rest. Never ever get used to getting sick.

Value your time for relaxation. Don’t hesitate to take a break once in a while. If you are worrying that you might miss out an opportunity, then why not hire a VA and impart her the ropes. Once she’s proficient enough, you can definitely take the holiday vacation you’ve been longing for.

Virtual assistants

Hiring VA is an Investment

Getting an online assistant is worth every penny. Always remember that investing in the right things in business means more chances for exponential growth.

If you’re ready for that,  book an appointment with OkayRelax. Let them help you achieve success while having the time of your life with your family.