3 Major Signs That You Need To Find A Virtual Assistant

The Marketing Team

You may have found yourself overwhelmed from daily work and may have wondered if you need to seek help. Find out some of the major signs that you already need a virtual assistant.

As per U.S. Small Business Administration, roughly two-thirds out of 28.8 million businesses in the country can thrive in the industry for two years and only one-third can be successful within 10 years due to mismanagement and poor financial management. Luckily, here’s a simple solution – find a virtual assistant!

Signs You Need A VA

Confused whether you really need one or not? Here are signs that can help you tell it’s the best time for you to get mundane tasks off your plate.

Spending too much time on delegable in-house work.

A delegable task is one that somebody else can do for you. As such, these tasks are not part of your core tasks as the manager/entrepreneur. Examples of these are: managing social media, entering data, administrative tasks, and many more.

As business grows, these tasks tend to pile up until you find yourself having to spend increasingly more time on them to back up your in-house staff. This is a sure sign you need a virtual assistant.

At OkayRelax, you can sit back relaxed, confident you are getting quality work from our virtual assistants. Heed the sign and escape the bind. Leave the delegable tasks to us and stay focus on being the entrepreneur that you are.

Stressed out!

As mentioned earlier, piled-up administrative work is a major stressor. Prioritizing, which is the usual response to the problem will, not work. It will get a few important tasks done, but will not prevent more pile-ups. Another usual response is to help admin personnel by doing some of the work yourself. Now that would be a total waste of your time and talent, if anything else – a waste of limited resources.

Invariably you lose your focus from your main task. [You lose sleep and your health starts to deteriorate. You also begin to have less and less time for relaxation and for your family and loved ones. The result of all of this is more stress. You become trapped in a vicious cycle that feeds on itself.

This is a sure sign that you need a virtual assistant. Break the cycle; delegate all delegable tasks to a VA. At OkayRelax, it is the easiest thing in the world to do. Our VAs are expert. They will get rid of that pile-up in no time. They will give you back your focus, your health, and the time to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones.


Discovering what the customer really wants and adapting your product accordingly as fast you can is a huge time-pressured undertaking. As your business gets to cover more ground, you will reach a point when this becomes overwhelming. You’ll find yourself being constrained by time and your own physical, mental, and emotional stamina.

We’ve been talking of relieving you from routine work that somebody else can for you. But yes, our VA’s can also assist you in your most critical work as an entrepreneur. They can do non-routine research for you. You will need plenty of information to fire your passion and fuel your entrepreneurial creativity. Our VAs are great researchers. If it’s in the net, they can get it for you. They can help you gather data and present them to you in the most usable form, thereby saving time and energy. For you, they can keep an eye on competitor activity, track industry trends, evaluate competitor product features, up-date you on new product development, follow customer behavior, preferences, and shifting needs, and many more.

There is no need to be overwhelmed. We are only a press of the button away.

Have an edge over the competition — partner with OkayRelax.

You need help!

When we say help, you need a like-minded. You need to find a virtual assistant.

Through delegating tasks, you can’t or don’t enjoy at all, it lets you spend more time with your family without sacrificing your business.

Hiring a VA is an investment.

Getting an online assistant is worth every penny. Always remember that investing in the right things in business means more chances for exponential growth.

If you’re ready for that,  book an appointment with OkayRelax. Let them help you achieve success while having the time of your life with your family.