Our new “front desk” and adding pretty: part 1.

Joseph D

An insight into the work we have been doing lately — including a new frontdesk for you to communicate with us and a client area overhaul.

OkayRelax’s client area had remained mostly unchanged for years, and let’s face it — it was ugly. You know it, I know it. Personally, I stuck to sending tasks by email just to avoid looking at the client area.

Our focus was on essential back-end features over the years, and the client-side had been largely neglected until now.

We’ve made some minor changes that have greatly improved the look and feel, but there’s a lot more to do – so much that the entire system we’re currently using will be going in the trash soon, which is why this announcement is marked “part 1”. I don’t know how many additional parts there will be to this announcement, if any, but know that more changes and details will be coming.

What we’ve changed so far.

  1. The home page no longer shows a bunch of irrelevant details. We bring you straight to the tasks list — we know why you’re here! 😆
  2. Your assigned assistant and remaining task credits now show at the top of the sidebar.
  3. We’ve changed the style of the task list to be more readable
  4. We’ve fixed some UI bugs, like buttons being cut in half, which were especially irritating to me.
  5. We’ve added additional statuses to tasks to better communicate where we are in the task, and we’ve renamed some of the original statuses to make them more clear. Now you’ll very easily see which of your tasks need a response from you, which are awaiting a response from a third party, etc.
  6. The header now matches the rest of the site, and links that are irrelevant to existing clients are removed.
  7. You won’t see a “Login” link in the navigation when you’re already logged in.

Oh, and we have this cool new announcements’ area, which also allows you to submit your own ideas to improve our service. In the remote era, this becomes our frontdesk. 😉

Visit the improved client area and sign up if you don’t have an account with us!

— Joseph D., Founder & CEO of OkayRelax.