Adding pretty: part 3.

Joseph D

An insight into the work we have been doing lately. These changes ensure a better and more comfortable user experience while using our client area.

Changes made:

  1. The header size has been reduced.
  2. Task responses are now sorted oldest to newest.
  3. Task subject is displayed in the header instead of just the side bar.
  4. Task response style has been improved, with a familiar chat-like layout.
  5. Link styling inside of task responses has improved, with an animated underline upon hovering over a link.
  6. You are automatically scrolled to the bottom of the page, to see the latest responses.
  7. Buttons added to the bottom of task view to bring you back to your task list or to scroll up to the top of your task.
  8. Improved reply box style and simplified its design.
  9. Improved star ratings – stars associated with your rating are completely filled.
  10. Removed some sections of the side bar which were not in use.
  11. Due Date field temporarily removed while we resolve some issues with it.

Visit the improved client area, sign up if you don’t have an account with us, or hang out at our front desk.