Why You Need to Keep Up With Your Social Media Presence

The Marketing Team

Social media use quickly became part of our personal and professional lives. In fact, 4.26 billion people worldwide are active across social media platforms in 2022, according to Statista. This is a 4.8% increase just from last year. Business owners are taking advantage of reaching a large audience using various social media platforms. Social media marketing in 2022 remains a viable and necessary tool to promote your company, products, and services and increase revenue.  

Being active on social media requires producing a lot of content. You need a content strategy. To develop the best plan for your brand, ask:

  • Who will be reading your content?
  • What formats will you focus on?
  • What channels will you publish your content?
  • What tone/voice is most appropriate for your specific audience?
  • What problems will you solve, and how will you go about it?
  • How will you manage content creation and management?

The answers to these questions will show you what you need to build your plan around. Keeping up with your social media presence is necessary for successful marketing. A virtual assistant for social media can help you determine how to develop a strategy to protect your brand’s reputation and see profitable results.    

Learn why your social media presence is so significant and how to reap the most benefits from the marketing opportunities that social media platforms provide.  

Benefits of Maintaining an Active Social Media Presence

  1. Brand Awareness

Keeping up your presence on social media allows you to share content that lets people know what your brand is all about. Social media allows users to share and interact with the content produced across different platforms. There are various strategies to get people talking about your brand. Creating a business page on Facebook lets users share, recommend, review, and start conversations.  

Your strategy should vary across the different platforms. The most beneficial to increasing brand awareness are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

Contacting a virtual assistant for social media can make deciding what type of content to produce for each social media site much easier. Understanding the demographics of the frequent users and the sites they use the most will help attract more customers to your sites. A dedicated virtual personal assistant is skilled in making these decisions and producing highly-engaging content that yields results. 

  1. Build an Audience 

Posting regularly on various social media channels is most beneficial to reaching the most people and building an audience. The main reasons people seek out social media are to be:

  • Entertained
  • Informed
  • Connected
  • Resolve Problems

Keep this in mind when creating a content strategy. Be sure it addresses each factor involved in creating an environment for your followers to want to keep returning. A virtual executive assistant is trained to recognize how to increase engagement between your brand and its followers. Great content gets shared with more people, building your brand and attracting new customers.  

  1. Attract New Customers

Being present on social media attracts new customers who may not have known about your brand before. An active presence makes your business easier for people to find using searchable hashtags, mentions and producing content people want to read. Understanding your buyer persona ensures you are answering the questions your followers are looking for.  

Many social media users rely heavily on reviews and recommendations before they give their business to a company. Social media marketing allows your audience to do a lot of advertising for your business by sharing content and through interaction.

  1. Build Agency in Your Field

Show your followers that you are an expert in your industry by posting engaging content. You could share resolutions to common issues related to your field or write an article about different ways your product or services can be used. You can create videos explaining how your products or services benefit your customer.  

Becoming a leader in your industry builds trust among your followers and is easily shareable to reach more people. Being consistent with posting informative content makes you a reliable source for your customer to learn more about a subject and avoid/resolve common mistakes. 

  1. Be Part of the Conversation

Social media business pages allow you to engage directly with your audience and encourage your customers to interact with one another. Creating a poll for users to participate in will help with analytics of current products or what needs to be developed in the future. Being part of the conversation enables you to understand your audience better. The better you know your target audience, the better you can plan marketing campaigns. 

Being active on social media lets you know what sites they use, so you have more ways to interact and inform them. Engagement is the heart of your social media strategy. A virtual social media personal assistant can develop a strategy to create conversations that get people talking.  

  1. Improve Visibility

A fun way to engage with your social media audience is by creating a hashtag marketing campaign related to something you want to promote. Ask followers to post their own pictures with your product or share an experience. For instance, Lay’s created a hashtag campaign called #DoUsAFlavor, asking followers to vote on their favorite flavor of potato chips for a new product launch.  

Another approach is to jump on an already trending hashtag. KFC got on the #NationalFriedChickenDay bandwagon on Twitter as they realized it related to their brand. If your brand is related to any festival or holiday, it can benefit your business to build a campaign around it. You can hire a virtual assistant for social media to help create campaigns and engage with customers to increase your brand visibility. 

  1. Customer Support

Did you know that 56% of customers will unfollow a company if the customer service is bad on social media? Since 40% of users expect a response within an hour, social media allows you to resolve an issue in real-time. This is an excellent opportunity to show your customer satisfaction is a priority in your industry.

Using social media to address customer service issues or comments allows people to learn more about your business. For example, Starbucks was able to monitor mentions and reply to the user. This builds trust and loyalty in the brand while building relationships. Go beyond just responding and seek out engagement. A virtual social media assistant will monitor comments and respond in a timely manner.  

  1. Crisis Management

There may be a time an event occurs that potentially causes harm to the brand’s reputation. It will inevitably spread rapidly from person to person. Examples include:

  • Widespread public outrage at a post
  • Live video mishaps
  • Advocates calling for a boycott
  • Fake news or rumors
  • Cyber attacks
  • An employee going rogue

If this happens, don’t panic. Invest in a proactive monitoring system. A virtual assistant for social media can create posts responding to the crisis quickly, compassionately, and with authority. Your virtual personal assistant can monitor feedback, comments, sentiment, and false information that could quickly spread. A dedicated social media virtual assistant understands best practices to assist in a faster recovery and minimize the effects.  

  1. Monitor the Competition

Monitoring the competition helps you get ahead of industry-wide trends and changes. You can determine where competitors are going with their product developments based on their social media use. Reading their customer reviews indicates what they are doing right and where they may be going wrong. 

Using social media to monitor the competition is all about being customer-focused, not competition-focused. Similar industries probably share the same audience. It is essential to discover how followers are engaging with other brands and discover any consumer trends. 

Listen to your competitors for:

  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Reputation
  • Marketing tactics
  • Alliances
  • Relationships
  • Differentiation
  • Brand voice 
  1. Monitor Analytics

Knowing what is working and what needs improvement is vital to the success of any business. Social media allows you to see spikes in engagement, the number of followers, and shares. You can track conversations around keywords, mentions, hashtags, etc.  

You can use these results to keep your social media marketing strategy current and relevant. Analytics can show you which day and time of day to post content to get the most engagement and visibility. Although gathering this data can be time-consuming, it is crucial for any business to know its metrics to succeed. A social media virtual assistant will save you a ton of time and frustration by taking over this task for you.

Measuring Social Media Performance

To ensure you are reaching your goals, you need Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your social media efforts, your organization, your employees, and your projects. There are four categories of using KPIs to measure your success:

  • Reach

Shares, mentions, impressions, follower amount

  • Level and Type of Engagement

Likes, favorites, retweets, ratings, comments, inbound website links

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Lead conversions, direct sales revenue, support costs-per-customer, lifetime value

  • Retentions and Loyalty

Ratings, reviews, Issues resolved, resolution time, customer satisfaction

Evaluating your KPIs every 6 to 12 months is a good idea to determine if a new strategy should be produced. One of our skilled social media VAs can easily help manage this. 

Types of Content to Publish

There are several different types of content you can rotate to make sure you are keeping your audience interested:

  • GIFs and illustrations
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Polls
  • Contests
  • Memes
  • Ads
  • Photos
  • Live video content
  • Stories
  • Quizzes
  • Sharing related news articles

This is a lot of content to come up with! Hiring a virtual social media assistant is the most effective way to keep your content fresh and varied. Virtual personal assistants will even create a content calendar for you and develop a strategy on the best time to post what content to what platforms.  

How a Virtual Social Media Assistant Can Help Keep Your Presence on Social Media 

The number of social media users will only increase in the coming years. Stay on top of industry trends and how businesses use their online presence to engage with customers and build professional relationships. Social media is also a great scouting tool for employee recruitment and strengthening business relationships.  

OkayRelax provides services to help you balance your marketing campaigns with other career responsibilities. We handle the tasks you delegate to your virtual assistant so you can focus on other marketing strategies. Our services show you how to take control of your career and your personal life.  

Simply provide your virtual personal assistant with either your premade content or ideas and let your assistant handle the rest for you. Your virtual personal assistant can help with:

  • Content curation
  • Calendar creation
  • Scheduling
  • Audience specific content
  • And more! 

A virtual executive assistant will monitor your social media accounts for you and can even manage your email notifications from your social media apps. OkayRelax employs skilled assistants to help you get the most out of your social media business strategy. We understand the importance of keeping up with your social media presence, how influential it is in promoting your brand, and increasing conversion rates. We know the in-demand tasks needed to help your business succeed. 

OkayRelax is known for our virtual assistant services. In addition to our social media management services, our clients rely on us to provide professional services consisting of:

  • General research
  • Schedule management
  • Product research
  • Travel planning
  • Documentation
  • Job hunting
  • Inbox management
  • Acquisition research

Clients can choose a plan, meet their virtual personal assistant, and send tasks through their dashboards, email, and even by text messaging. Find out what our clients are saying about their experience using OkayRelax to save them time and money. Leave the stressful work to us, so you have more time to do the things you really want to be doing.

Contact us today so a social media VA can help with your social media presence and any other services your business may need to succeed.