Virtual Executive Assistant

👋🏼 OkayRelax is all about making lives easier. Before you proceed further, we highly recommend exploring our company and the culture we are establishing here.

We’re looking to hire people with the potential to be top-performing Virtual Assistants in the world. This person will be the extension of the arms and legs of the person(s) they support and establish a high-level partnership.

About the role.

We’re headquartered in Tampa, but the job’s location can be anywhere in other parts of the world.

To start, this role is full time (40 hours/week). Work will mostly be via web and phone and hours of work will be based on US West Coast time, which also mean that it may be grave-yard shift in your local time. All training and work will be done remotely wherever you are, but you need to have a reliable computer and the ability to keep it running.

About you.

  • Fluent English speaker: You need to be able to expertly speak and write fluent English at the native level.
  • Self-confident: You can communicate professionally and confidently.
  • Highly communicative: You believe that many issues and challenges do not even arise if you communicate well. You can’t remember ever being accused of talking too little.
  • Attention to detail: You love details. We’d be impressed if you have questions in your introduction call.
  • Learning: You thrive on advancing your skills and knowledge, and self-learning.
  • Thinking ahead: You enjoy thinking one step ahead for the people you work with, solving needs before they even arise in their minds.
  • Problem solver: You have a proven skill of evaluating how to best solve a given challenge. You believe there’s always a solution, and you’ll find it faster than Lightning McQueen.
  • Reliable and professional
  • You can write!: You might not be the next Hemingway, but you enjoy writing well and get mad every time those silly little things called “typos” creep up on you.
  • Listening: You understand the value of listening and love collecting more information than just the words that are being said.
  • Technology is fun: You might not have earned the honors of being called a “geek” but if given a piece of technology (a service, software or hardware), you will make it purr like a cat.


  • Task and time management
    • Prioritize different types of tasks and meet deadlines.
    • Consistently stay up to date on task management and communicate effectively regarding what is most important.
  • Research management
    • Perform various internet-based research.
    • Perform prospect research.
  • Any other responsibilities that might arise while performing this job.


Any official communication will always be through our website ( and our official email addresses (finishing in

Please only apply if (and this is important):

  • You are willing to write a customized response to this job post.
  • You have at least 1 year of successful experience working remotely.
  • You have experience working in a fast-past and high-volume environment.
  • You have at least 3 consecutive months of successful experience working the grave-yard shift.

Applications are to be submitted based on where you’ll be working from. Find your country below:

Unfortunately, if you do not meet the requirements, we will not be able to respond.

Congratulations, you have made it to the end of this job posting! That might already qualify you for this job. We can’t wait.