4 Amazing Exercises to Boost Productivity

When you exercise, you spend a part of your time each day to complete the routines. Based on this premise, you’ll spend time doing other activities that should be allotted for your work to boost productivity. That seems counterproductive, right?   Wrong. Studies show that when you exercise regularly your mind becomes sharper and your mood significantly improves. The blood flow to your brain increases, thus improving its efficiency. These, in turn, help boost your productivity by at least 20% more. The World Health Organization recommends exercising at least 30 minutes in a day. You may set one 30-minute session […]

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Boost Productivity for Your Dedicated Assistant by Setting Your Schedule Right

If you have a lot of major tasks laid out for the entire day it can really be overwhelming especially if those tasks need to be done within the day. In some instances, you may even find it hard to get started. One way to help counteract this problem is to set up a routine for you and your dedicated assistant. This routine, when carefully planned out, can provide much-needed structure. This, in turn, can lead to systematic completion of tasks without stressing you out so much. Read on to know how you can implement proper scheduling in your routine. […]

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Make the Most Out of Your Vacation Through Personal Assistant Services

Traveling can help you get some much-needed fresh air and disconnect from the daily hustle. When planning for a trip, using an application alone may not cut it. A better choice is to seek the help of experts who specialize in personal assistant services. These people know their way around booking trips and taking care of similar tasks. In cases like this, enlisting the help of a virtual assistant is one of the best ways to go.   What are the benefits of getting personal assistant services for vacation planning? While you prepare for your vacation, let your VA do […]

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Best Tasks to Outsource to Your Dedicated Assistant to Free More Time

Whether you are managing a start-up company or you are currently working toward making your business larger, there will come a time that you have to assign your tasks to someone else, such as a dedicated assistant. However, you need to make sure that the tasks can be done with minimal supervision from you. If you’re the only one who can perform the task and it is absolutely important that you do it yourself, never delegate this type of task to others. List the tasks that you need to complete, then identify the criteria that make them ideal for delegation. […]

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7 Tips on How to Keep Work Off and Enjoy Days Off

Having a day off from work should mean exactly that. A day far from normal working day schedule and should be very different from other days of weekdays. Unfortunately, with persistent bad habits and technology, it has been a challenge for most people to enjoy days off from work. Numerous individuals have not mastered the art of having fun and letting go off work during these important days. From time to time, you get some days off and it is during this time that you should rejuvenate and re-energize. To others, days off seem like working days continuation due to […]

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