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Virtual Marketing Assistant in 2021 (Comprehensive Guide)

Virtual Marketing Assistant in 2021 (Comprehensive Guide)

Time is gold. And no one in the world will agree more than someone on a mission to make a mark in the world—someone like an entrepreneur.

As business owners, most significantly, if you are starting, multitasking is expected. Cramming as much as you can in one day becomes second nature. But is it the only way to go? As your business grows, working harder may not be enough. And this is where…

Social Media Virtual Assistant in 2021 (Comprehensive Guide)

Why do I need a social media virtual assistant for when I can do it myself?

If you’re a business owner who doesn’t mind shelling out 30 hours or more each week for your online presence, then, by all means, do not hire a virtual social media expert.

But is time the only consideration for getting help for your social media needs?
*Will posting regularly on your online pages…

Data Entry Virtual Assistant In 2021 (Comprehensive Guide)

If a task was easy, why would you need to have someone else do it for you?

Are you one of those who are surprised to find out that data entry is one of the most in-demand remote jobs? Here are four other critical points on data entry that might surprise you even more:

  • Easy does not mean unimportant
  • Not everyone can do data entry
  • There are different types of data entry

Virtual Assistant Services In 2021 (The Comprehensive Guide)

When the line between our professional and personal lives is next to non-existent, can growing a business while having time for yourself still be attainable?

The answer is YES.

Because one, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

And two, this is where virtual assistant services come in.

If you’ve never considered getting a virtual assistant before, this article might change…

Qualities of a Great Personal Virtual Assistant: Making the Most of the Service

A virtual assistant or VA is remote professional that provides different services to individual entrepreneurs and businesses. Yes, they are not office employees but they are provided access to the necessary tools and data to perform their duties for your enterprise. VA’s back in the day were self-employed workers who perform specific tasks. These included accountants, secretaries, sales…