Task Ideas

Personal Task

Find the best wedding venues in San Francisco, call them and ask for the availability on the 15th of December for 200 people.

Our dog, Sophie, needs to go to the groomer for a bath. Can you call them and schedule an appointment for any time next week and then email me with the time?

I need to get a present for my friend's birthday. He loves wine, so I was thinking I'd get him a subscription to a monthly wine club. Could you look online and find some wine subscription services and buy any one that you see that's nice? Have the gift message say

I'm going hiking soon and need a new pair of hiking shoes. Could you get me some online from my favorite store (you know the one!) in a size 10?

I need to renew my subscription to Car Magazine; it's about to expire soon. Can you go online and renew it for me? Get a 2-year subscription, if you can.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Vitamin D, but I don't know if it's ready yet, and the pharmacy hasn't called me to tell me to pick it up. Could you call them and ask them if it's ready?

I need to let Tom know that I won't be able to make it to our running club next week on Monday. Could you call him and tell him I'm really sorry and ask if we could reschedule for another day next week?

Please research and find some gifts for my Australian friend. He is fond of iPhones and comic books.

Call the New York Times and tell them to pause my subscription from the 20th to the 29th of this month.

We just moved from LA to San Jose. We have 3 magazine subscriptions. Can you please call them let them know about the new address?

Please call YMCA regarding their membership and joining fee. I would like to sign up next week. Please also ask what documents they need from me.

I need to get my bicycle fixed, rear wheel is making weird noises. What's the best bike repair shop within 5 minutes walking distance of my office?

Can you find the top 5 books about investing in bitcoins on Amazon? I'd like you to order two of them for me. Provide the results and I'll tell you which to buy.

I need a plumber! My guest toilet is clogged. Can you get someone here ASAP?

Family Tasks

Can you compare baby carriers and tell me which would be best for carrying my daughter? She's 2 years old.

My daughter Samantha needs a checkup with her pediatrician, Dr. Ferguson. Could you call his office and schedule an appointment for any time within the next month, after 3pm?

My son Timmy's 3rd grade class is having a food day next Tuesday, and everyone is supposed to bring something for lunch. Could you call a Chinese restaurant in town and ask them to make an order of 30 spring rolls? Tell them I can pick them up on Monday afternoon.

Samantha wants to have a sleepover next weekend on Friday night with 4 of her friends. I need to get some kid-friendly food and games for them to play. Could you do some online grocery shopping for me and order a dozen cupcakes (any kid theme will do, though she loves the movie Frozen!)? She loves baking and said she wanted to decorate cookies with her friends, so could you order some refrigerated cookie dough and any sprinkles, frosting or other toppings you think would work? Set the delivery time for any time next Wednesday or Thursday.

Timmy missed his violin lesson with his teacher last week because he was sick. Can you call her and see when we can reschedule?

I really want to do something special with the kids on Saturday. They love movies, so it'd be a nice treat for them. Could you go online to the theater's website and book us 3 tickets to any animated movie that will be playing that day?

Samantha's science teacher called and wants to have a conference with me. Can you email her to set up a time next week in the afternoon and then email me a reminder?

Please call my son's school and let them know he is sick and won't be coming to school today as well as tomorrow.

I need to start looking into daycares. Can you do some research on the best ones in San Jose, the closer to my house, the better?

Are there any kid events going on tomorrow in Tampa, FL?

Research whether or not homeschooling is bad for kids. Please provide any studies or sources you find.

What is the price for an annual membership to the Lowry Park Zoo for 2 adults and 2 children? If it's under $200, can you sign us up?

Can you help plan my daughter's birthday party? She loves Octonauts, the TV show. If you can find Octonauts-themed stuff, that'd be great!

Please research baby-led weaning. What are the pros and cons? Can you provide a guide?

Travel Tasks

Make a list of 10 really entertaining things to do when you are in Amsterdam for summer vacation. Please note that I'm fond of adventure and thrill.

Summer vacation is right around the corner, and I want to make the most of it. I think taking a family holiday at the beach would be really nice, and I know that Maine has some nice beaches. Could you get some information for me about what's available to see and do there for family vacations? Any info you can get on possible hotels and plane flights would be great, too.

I've been meaning to visit my old college friend, Steve, for awhile now. He lives in Virginia. Could you get me some information about flight prices there in June?

I want to take my wife somewhere nice over Easter. We were thinking that we'd love to go to the lake. Could you book us a hotel nearby for 2 nights? Can you find out if they're having any festivals or events there that we might like to see?

Compare NYC to San Francisco - cost of living, things to do, weather, etc. I'm considering a change!

Create a list of top 10 Instagram accounts that are related to tourism and travel industry. The basic idea is to get to know new places to plan vacations in.

I'm attending a conference here in NYC. Please find the top 3 restaurants near the Casablanca Hotel so I can go to dinner with my wife after I'm done here.

Can you figure out what I'd need to do in order to bring my dog with me on my trip to the Philippines? Also give me the estimated costs.

I want to travel from Bangkok to Phuket, middle of next month, please tell me the cheapest option to travel.

Can you find me a cheap flight from NYC to Tampa, FL for next week? If it's under $250, book the flight for me.

Business Tasks

We just moved our office. Please find BestBuy and Office Depot locations nearest to 10011. Provide the distances as well.

We're having a big presentation on Thursday morning in the conference room, and we'll need some food to keep us going! Can you call the bakery and order some assorted pastries, bagels, cream cheese, and coffee for delivery? Tell them we'll need them by 8am that morning.

We're hosting a special visitor, Kay, on Friday; she'll be with us all day. Can you email Sandra and tell her to make herself available that morning to show Kay around? Also, can you order a gift basket for Kay (from anywhere in town, something with food like some nice cheeses) and have it delivered to the office on Thursday afternoon by 4pm?

A few of our team members are going on an out-of-state conference from April 11th-13th in Minneapolis. Can you book a local hotel for them (2 rooms, and pick a hotel with at least a 3 star rating) and also a rental car? You can use the company credit card to book everything.

I'm really behind on emails! Could you go through my inbox and answer the ones from last week about the dates for the upcoming employee evaluations? Explain that the evaluations will be done weekly, starting on April 25th and that each employee needs a portfolio prepared.

I've been collaborating with Mike on some projects through Dropbox. I completed some edits today and need to have those uploaded to the shared folder marked "Project #3 drafts." The files I need to upload are in my email and are dated with yesterday's date; could you upload them for me?

Some of the lights in the office haven't been working lately. Can you call our company's electrician and schedule a time when he can come to repair them? ASAP would be great.

Let me know the best HR company in Oregon City. Also call them for pricing information.

Please create a list of top 5 real est​​ate​ ​lawyers in New York City. Please create a nice looking profile for each in a word document.​​

Copy data from these PDFs into a spreadsheet.

Please look up on the internet for the best laser printers available on the market; make sure they all support WiFi. I need at least 10 of them for my office.

Log into my Twitter account and post some motivational quotes.

I need to get web hosting for my new website. Please research the best and the cheapest hosting provider for my needs.

Research social media marketing and provide me with a guide for getting started.