Searching for the right way to reduce your overhead, cut costs but still achieve your business goals? Then why not start to hire a remote assistant?

Employees play a significant role in building the business. However, employee costs (that includes insurance, office space and salaries) takes away the biggest portion of the business’ budget. To save, owners like Georgette Pascale, the CEO of Pascale Communications opt to appoint independent contractors.

With that, let’s find out more reasons why hiring independent contractors and freelancers help you spare your company money:

Getting online workers lessens absenteeism.

CoSo Cloud conducted a survey which revealed that independent contractors have a 52% chance to ditch work when they’re sick. This survey was supported by another research from Softchoice. The said research found out that roughly 57% of remote employees still worked even though they are ill while almost 44% said they still do their job while on holiday vacation.

Taking a vacation is never an issue then. Urgent tasks are resolved right away. Small assignments such as answering phone calls and emails don’t get delayed as well. Why? This is because remote workers chose to finish everything immediately instead of piling things up. More than that, they have the capability to work anytime, anywhere.

Remote workers boost up productivity.

There’s a big misconception about remote employees and freelancers – people say they are less fruitful due to different personal distractions, keeping them from being productive. The thing is, Connect Solutions’ findings prove otherwise.

As per the survey, about 77% of remote staffs (be it part-time or full-time) are more productive compared to in-house staffs.  Around 30% of them emphasized that they finished their job in less than the required working hours. Simply put, employers can actually benefit once they adapt remote workforce in their working environment.

Christian Sebastiano, the CEO of Canon stated that one of the reasons why remote workers are way better than in-house staffs, it’s because off-site workplace tends to be less stressful. Not only that, online workers are more motivated to perform well to stay ahead of the competition, allowing employers reap benefits like reduced absenteeism and less turnover.

Hiring online assistants means fewer healthcare costs.

Way back to 1950, offices are specifically designed to house lots of workers at their own cubicles in one open space. The notion was (up until now it’s the same idea) to create a setup that can kindle communication and fire up new ideas. But new studies discovered that open offices are uncomfortable and distracting, which eventually affect workers’ productivity and stress level.

Hire a Remote Assistant

Good thing, work from home employees aren’t suffering these issues often. These people experience less stress. Note that they also develop better morale. We all know that when there are less stress and improved morale, employees’ wellness won’t be a problem.

In other words, happier and healthier employees mean fewer expenses for their insurance.

Bye, on-site injuries-related expenses!

In case you weren’t aware, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (or simply known as OSH Act) states that employers should maintain a safe workplace. Other than that, any accidents or injuries which occurs in the working environment should be held as a liability of the employer. Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index 2017 revealed that serious injuries in work push US business es to spend more than $59.9 billion annually.

Thankfully, getting virtual assistant services will save you from such liability!

If getting a virtual assistant can help you, don’t hesitate to hire one!

Taking the plunge into the business world is risky. You need to deal with the ever-changing marketplace. You need to get equipped against the tricky competition. You need to prepare yourself and your investment.

Thus, it’s important to have tons of money-saving ways to ensure you’re maximizing every resource you have. If you think hiring VA can greatly help in cutting your costs, don’t think twice! can guide you fish the best VA for your business requirements.


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