Spring Break: How to Take the Stress out of Planning your Spring Break

Image by skitter photo
Image by skitter photo

If you’re looking forward to celebrating your spring break by travelling to an exotic destination which boasts an endless array of white sand beaches but are a little overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing your dream spring break trip, continue reading to discover six tips which have been designed to make travel planning a breeze.



Six tips on planning your dream spring break:

1. Remember that the longer you stay, the cheaper your accommodation is likely to be

Whether you plan on staying at a luxurious five star beach resort, or you’re looking to rent an apartment, if you have time up your sleeve it’s well worth considering vacationing for a few weeks as most hotels, resorts and apartments offer highly discounted rates for customers who are booking an extended vacation.

2. Research each of the destinations on your short list thoroughly 

By researching each of the destinations which have made your short list, you’ll be more likely to find a destination that suits the style of spring vacation that you’re looking for. As an example, if you’re a student whose looking forward to beach parties and pool parties, visiting Cancun, which is known for it’s legendary parties may be a great idea.

Whilst if you’re looking to plan a family friendly, spring break vacation you may prefer visiting Puerto Vallarta, which has a more laid back vibe. Also consider whether you’d prefer to visit a location where English is the official language such as Oahu or Maui in Hawaii, or whether you’d prefer to test out your high school Spanish in a location such as Cancun or San Jose.

If you have a busy schedule leading up to spring break you may want to consider getting a virtual assistant to help you research travel destinations.

3. Consider seeking virtual assistance 

If you’re short on time but want to ensure that you’re getting the best deals possible it’s well worth hiring a virtual assistant to organize your spring break for you. A virtual assistant can take care of a variety of tasks, as an example your assistant can browse hundreds of resort reviews on websites such as Tripadvisor, to ensure that you book accommodation at a resort which boasts exceptional service and a wide array of amenities and facilities. As another example, a virtual assistant can search the websites of multiple airlines in order to find the best available deal, on your specified travel dates.

Other tasks which a virtual assistant can take care of include organizing shuttle transportation from the airport to your hotel or resort and booking tours, attractions and activities that you may be interested in, in advance of your vacation. So once you embark on your vacation, you won’t have to worry about organizing an itinerary.

4. Book your spring break well in advance

Many airlines, resorts and hotels offer unbeatable deals for early birds who book their vacation in advance. So if you’d like your vacation budget to stretch a little further, it’s definitely worth booking your flights and accommodation well in advance. Remember that it’s also worth booking your vacation in advance as spring break is a high peak travel season, so the longer you wait the higher room prices are likely to be and as many spring breaks are extremely popular, accommodation may sell out at certain resorts and hotels.

5. If you’re on a budget consider sharing a room with friends or family members

If you’re on a strict budget, why not book a twin room and split your accommodation costs with a friend or family member? Remember, that if you’re on spring break you’re likely to spend the bulk of your time exploring your destination, so you’re unlikely to spend much time in your hotel room anyway!

6. Make sure that you have an up to date passport

What’s more important than a new bathing suit and your smart phone? Your passport! Even if you’re sure that your passport is lying around somewhere, it’s well worth checking the expiration date of your passport as many countries require your passport to be valid six months after you return home.

So if you’re in the process of planning your next spring break, simply follow the six tips listed above and you’ll have your spring break planned in no time! Also take our advice and hire a virtual assistant, as they make travel planning a breeze!

Top 5 Ways a Virtual Personal Assistant Can Make Your Halloween Perfect

Halloween can be one of the most fun holidays there is to celebrate, as there are great festive opportunities for the whole family to get swept away in the frightful spirit. But with so many different things going on for every imaginable age group, Halloween can also be incredibly stressful to manage on your own. Luckily, if you are working parent or busy professional and you want to get the most out of the Holiday’s traditions, getting planning and logistical support is a lot easier than you might imagine. Here are 5 ways that a virtual personal assistant can help you plan your Halloween celebration

1. Search for The Right Themed Costume

Themed costumes are a big win every year on Halloween, and whether you want to dress up like your favorite character from a current T.V. show or a recognizable icon, a virtual personal assistant can help you find the perfect themed costume for you. Start off by telling your virtual assistant what theme you are going for, for example by telling them the kind name of the T.V. show that you are looking for costume ideas for. Then, give your virtual assistant some budget and style tips, and let them get to searching! Your virtual assistant will be able to return a list of potential costumes that meet your criteria, and order your favorite one.

2. Order Your Favorite Candy

Buying candy from the supermarket can be a big chore around Halloween, as stores can’t keep the most popular varieties stocked and prices tend to get more and more inflated the closer to Halloween you get. But if you have a favorite candy flavor that you’ve just got to have, and you don’t have the time to wait in lines or shop around to find your favorite, a virtual personal assistant can help. A virtual assistant can order your favorite sweets from an online retailer, helping you avoid the lines and get exactly what you want. All you have to do is let your assistant know what your sweet tooth is craving!

3. Help Coordinate and Order Your Decorations

If getting into the spirit all out and decorating your front lawn is part of the holiday fun for you, don’t worry, your virtual personal assistant can help with that too! If you don’t have exact ideas about what kinds of decorations you want, but have some vague idea of what themes or scenes you want to create, let your personal assistant know. They can research coordinated decoration ideas for you, and order a whole spread to help make your house extra spooky for the holidays. All you have to do is let your assistant know what budget they have and what kinds of things you are looking for, and they can easily do the rest.

4. Research Big Events in Your Area

If you have a hankering to get out this Halloween but don’t quite know what to do, a virtual personal assistant can be a huge aid in helping you find the perfect parties and events in your area. Just let your virtual assistant know what times you are looking for events, and how far you are willing to travel, and they can help generate a big list of all of the events going on in your area. From there, you can pick your favorite dance, parade, or party opportunities, and even have your virtual assistant purchase tickets or make reservations for you.

5. Manage Your Contacts to Keep Your Holiday Social

At its core, Halloween is a very social holiday, and your personal virtual assistant can help you make sure that you get the most social interaction that you can out of the scariest night of the year. For starters, if you have children, your virtual assistant can reach out to sitters that have worked out in the past and help coordinate child care to help you get out of the house. Since it’s such a social holiday for young people too, finding an available sitter may take quite some time, and delegating that task to your virtual assistant will let you focus on more fun things.

From there, your virtual assistant can reach out to your contacts to find the best parties and look for the best social opportunities, or even invite all of your closest friends to your place if you want to be at the center of a holiday social event. Your virtual assistant will do all the leg work for you of figuring out what your best friends will be up to, and help you plan to make sure that you can spend as much time with them as possible. No matter how you like to celebrate Halloween, a virtual personal assistant can help you get in the spirit, and make sure that you have people around you to celebrate with!